TikToker Jeremy Scheck's Advice For People Who Want To Get Into Food Content Creation - Exclusive

Food creation has seemingly taken the world by storm in recent years, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. From viral recipes to simple cooking tips and food trends to be found on TikTok, the internet has entered a whole new realm of culinary content creation that audiences can't stop scrolling through. Some food influencers have even made social media a full-time job, as new videos are posted each week or day, thereby growing their fanbase.

Jeremy Scheck is one of those food influencers that has made his passion a career, and has 2.1 million followers and 74.2 million likes to date on TikTok. During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Scheck explained how TikTok has even evolved his skills as a cook. The TikToker explained that visualization through content creation actually makes him cook thoughtfully, unlike the times when he is preparing meals for himself. His career is one that many are trying to break into, but it can be hard to build a following right off the bat — yet Scheck has some helpful advice to follow.

Jeremy Scheck thinks TikTok is all about 'putting yourself out there'

During a recent Mashed interview, Jeremy Scheck was asked if he has any advice for people looking to get into food content creation online, and his response was as simple as it gets. "I hope it doesn't sound cliché, but you have to put yourself out there and really do it. You can't establish a presence without being consistent and without physically creating it." Scheck revealed that it takes him about an hour and a half to film one video, so you must be willing to invest time into the project. He also mentioned that it can feel "awkward" and "scary" to make videos alone, but to try to overcome that when it comes to your passion for creating.

The food creator continued, "We are so self-conscious about that kind of thing, and it's embarrassing until it's not, because once people see what you're doing and it garners [attention] all of a sudden, it's really cool instead of feeling like it's cringey to put yourself out there." And while online content creators may be more susceptible to comments and criticism, the flipside is that new recipes are not only fun to watch but have the ability to inspire other cooks (newbies or otherwise). 

For example, the TikToker recently had the opportunity to come up with recipes in Newell's Creative Kitchen, which is a hub for content creators. His most recent meals include a black bean crunch wrap, as well as gourmet instant ramen, and more. If you are ever looking to get into this business, you should definitely consider checking out Scheck's videos for inspiration!

Learn more about Newell Creative Kitchen on their website, and head to Jeremy's TikTok page for creative recipe ideas.