Trader Joe's Fans Are Not Happy About The 'Gobbler Quesadilla'

The holiday season can get everyone a little excited. As soon as egg nog starts appearing, good shoppers know the time of celebratory cheer is upon us. Each year retailers fall all over one another in an attempt to have the most unusual holiday items on their shelves to get us to spend our hard-earned dollars. Costco, for one, is using a Disney Halloween set as an enticement, while Aldi is stocking "Almond Nog." It's a great time to be a consumer, so long as you know what's worth buying and what's not.

When it comes to products that are replete with holiday cheer, not all are created equal. Some are amazing. For example, Popeye's Cajun-style turkey is so tasty that People say it's been appearing for the past 21 years. Then there's Aldi's yogurt-covered pretzels that took Instagram by storm. But, for every one of these goodies, there's a pumpkin-spiced flavor nightmare just waiting to ambush you with so much nutmeg you'll never want to eat gingerbread again. 

Nevertheless, Trader Joe's is usually good at bringing the hits, sometimes the bargain store throws a flavor curveball right in the dirt. However, it might not be the case with the Thanksgiving-themed "gobbler quesadilla," which has Instagram disgusted.

'Gobbler quesadilla' tastes terrible, but at least it's unhealthy

The whole idea behind Instagram is for people to put up pictures that can inspire. So, when a promotional picture of a food item makes it seem gray and grim, even when it's just sitting in its box, it's a clear sign that you're probably not going to want to eat it. This was the case with an Instagram post made about the "gobbler quesadilla."

It's a little unclear as to whether the Trader Joe's packaging was trying to get people to buy this holiday food or warning them away from it. "I wasn't a fan and I'm usually all about turkey-cranberry-cheese sandwiches, so it must have been the squash or kale throwing it off," said one commenter. While mixing Thanksgiving foods is common, it sounds like this might go a little too far in mashing everything together.

"I didn't love it. The squash is raw," explained a second user. "This was literally the grossest thing I've ever put in my mouth," shared another. 

In addition to poor flavor, many noted that the nutrition facts were frightening. "80% saturated fat?!," asked one person. Others were a bit concerned with the sodium levels. In the end, it seems most will gladly pass on this in favor of other pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinners.