Jennifer Aniston's Hummus Is Getting Sky-High Praise From Kathy Najimy

The COVID pandemic created a sometimes terrifying new world. For a while there, it was perfectly normal to be staring directly into the homes of TV anchors, so much so that Vogue began writing whole pieces about the best ones. As people became more comfortable being on camera in their homes and were locked inside for weeks on end, they started sharing more of their homes and lives with other people. This led to many hobbies and homegrown talents being revealed on social media.

One of the most common occurrences, while people were quarantined in place, was to begin offering cooking advice online. This was especially common among celebrities. Idris and Sabrina Elba offered some kitchen tips, according to the Daily Star, even while Jennifer Garner's "Pretend Cooking Show" provided not only food but a warm, grounded sensibility to people on Instagram. During this same time, Jennifer Aniston was dipping her toe into the celebrity cooking world. As People reports, she offered her "perfect salad" among other recipes.

Aniston is actually a good cook, though she usually doesn't tout her culinary skills. In 2015, she discussed writing a cookbook, according to the Food Network. Though that never materialized, she's at least being lauded for her hummus recipe, which Kathy Najimy calls delicious (via People).

Aniston's hummus second only to Najimy's mothers'

Kathy Najimy is a character actor who is most easily recognized from films like "Sister Act" and "Hocus Pocus." In this case, it's not her star power or acting prowess that's important, but rather her heritage. Najimy is of Lebanese descent, or at the very least has a Lebanese mother. This is important because it means Najimy grew up eating true hummus, made by someone who learned to make hummus in a land where hummus is serious. In short, the wacky actress knows her hummus. So, when she began praising Jennifer Aniston's chickpea creation, she was speaking from a place of deep experience.

E! News reports that as soon as Najimy tasted Aniston's hummus, she was transfixed. The two were having dinner, and the woman who will forever be Rachel Green gave Najimy a plate. "I taste the hummus," says the "Hocus Pocus" star, "'cause we eat hummus everyday like at the store or at the sandwich shop, and it's fine, but this is second only to my mother, my Lebanese mother who made hummus for 70 years."

Reports claim that Aniston seemed legitimately shocked by the praise heaped upon her by the other woman. Thus far she has offered no explanation, nor a recipe for this masterful hummus, but hopefully, more will be known soon.