José Andrés' Newest Restaurant Lounge Is Coming To LaGuardia Airport

José Andrés can't seem to stop being honored as a humanitarian or taking time out of his life to explain about food waste. That's the kind of person he is. The chef is a philanthropist whose World Central Kitchen was founded to bring food to people in times of crisis. However, he's also a businessman, and as such is forever seeking a chance to bring his food to new customers.

Most recently, Andrés opened a branch of his Zaytinya restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton of the Nomad neighborhood of New York. This brought the Mediterranean tapas eating experience he'd popularized in Washington D.C. to the city that never sleeps. Though the address is upscale, the dining experience is casual and brings in unique influences inspired by his life and travels.

Though most would be content with a new Ritz-Carlton eatery, Andrés has more plans in store for New York. Specifically, he's taking his talents to Queens, where he's working with Capital One to devise a new lounge and restaurant that will give travelers — or those who make a habit of hanging around airports — a place to eat, drink, and be merry before going on their way.

Tapas and cocktails are expected to be part of the improved LaGuardia

Like most major airports, LaGuardia tends to be under construction constantly. In fact, it's actually nearing the completion of an $8 billion redesign, according to the LGA website. The list of improvements that have gone into this project are daunting and includes new and redesigned terminals, bigger windows, and upgraded technology to make the whole experience more modern. Also part of this redesign is the introduction of another tapas restaurant from José Andrés. The new eatery may possibly even get LaGuardia off the list of the worst airports for food.

The restaurant has only just been announced, according to a report by Eater New York, so all plans are preliminary. However, it has been said that the establishment will be in Terminal B at LaGuardia, and will be 10,000 square feet in size. Since there are few hard facts, it's only guesswork as to precisely what will be on the menu, but small plates of dishes from far-off lands and drinks to accompany them tend to be Andrés' specialty.

For anyone who isn't planning a trip to or from the Big Apple, a similar, albeit a smaller, version of the same lounge is planned for the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport located in Arlington, Virginia.