Zac Young's Apple Pie Tip Will Take Thanksgiving To The Next Level - Exclusive

We are all screaming for pie season. It's that time of year where you pick too many apples to even know what to do with them. Good thing there is no such thing as too much pie, especially in the fall. As turkey day is upon us, so are all the holiday tips and tricks. Who better to provide apple pie tips than an acclaimed pastry chef? Zac Young, judge on Food Network's "Halloween Baking Championship," shared the ultimate secret to upgrading your dessert table.

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Young revealed stories about Season 8 of "Halloween Baking Championship," and his biggest baking pet peeve (if you ever end up on the show, do not coat chocolate). As Halloween is a few weeks away, it was only fitting that we asked him for party food tips. Young tends to play on the savory side of the spooky holiday (meats and cheeses) versus the sweet side (chocolate and candy). Although the Food Network star does have a show centered around Halloween, he knows a thing or two about Thanksgiving desserts. Did someone say pie crust?

You should always season your pie crust

When you're making a pie, you're probably more focused on perfecting the filling rather than the crust. Zac Young described pie crust as a "blank canvas" with a lot of potential for added flavor. He told Mashed, "When you think about an apple pie, [think about] something as simple as a little lemon zest or orange zest, which brings out some of the brightness of the apples, [or] an herb like thyme or rosemary, or even a little bit of sharp cheddar cheese grated in there." Who would've thought there was yet another recipe we could incorporate cheese into?!

The television judge advises you to "think of the crust as a flavor element and not just a vessel." Your family's taste buds will thank Young when you try this technique in your apple pie this coming November. As we approach Thanksgiving, remember that there are more options than just pumpkin and apple pie. These dishes are classics for a reason, but you could branch out by baking some pies you've never heard of. Candy apple pie, gingersnap pumpkin pie, and bourbon/whiskey pecan pie are just a few examples of fun and creative Thanksgiving culinary creations. With grated cheese in the crust, of course.

Food Network's "Halloween Baking Championship" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. Check out Zac Young's Instagram page for his latest projects.