Arby's Diablo Dare Just Got Loaded Fries And A Free Vanilla Shake

"It's the HOTTEST sandwich around."

"Are you ready to stand up to the HEAT?"

"It's so HOT you'll be crying for your mother."

You've probably seen advertisements of this caliber in some way or another. Just as fast-food companies have seemed to throw everything into making the best chicken sandwich, they've also begun to focus on appeasing the taste buds of customers who want their food as tongue-burningly hot and spicy as possible. Burger King recently released a Halloween-themed Whopper that's layered in spicy queso, ghost pepper-infused cheese, and jalapeños (via Restaurant Business Online). Back in 2021, Carl's Jr. and Hardee's released the Fiery Menu, a line-up of a burger slathered in habañero ranch sauce and pepper jack cheese and a side of spice-infused chicken tenders (via Thrillist). Be it burgers or chicken sandwiches, most fast-food companies want to stoke the flames of profit by burning the tongues of their boldest customers.

Arby's, not one to sit back and let the competition roll right by, has joined in on the hot and spicy craze with its Diablo Dare sandwich. According to a press release, the sandwich is made with "13-hour smoked brisket or crispy chicken," alongside a healthy layer of ghost pepper-infused jack cheese, fire-roasted jalapeños, Diablo sauce, and hot peppery seasoning between a toasted chipotle bun. It also comes with loaded fries and a free vanilla shake, should you be bold enough to try it.

Get the free shake if you order the sandwich and fries

Starting October 24, PennLive tells us, Arby's will be releasing not only the Diablo Dare Chicken Sandwich but also the Diablo Dare Roast Beef Sandwich and the Diablo Loaded Fries. The Diablo Loaded Fries are described as being the chain's crinkle fries slathered in cheddar cheese sauce, fire-roasted jalapeños, and Diablo BBQ sauce, while the roast beef sandwich substitutes the smoked brisket and chicken for the chain's famous roast beef. 

To get your vanilla shake (which supposedly helps to cool your mouth off from all the heat), you must order both the sandwich and the fries to qualify for it. Arby's is also bringing back what it calls the "Diablo Dare Challenge." According to Chew Boom, the challenge involves customers filming themselves on TikTok eating a Diablo Dare sandwich to see how long they can last without reaching for their free milkshake. 

But just how hot is Arby's Diablo Dare sandwich anyway? According to a review by popular YouTube food critic TheReportoftheWeek, the sandwich has a much hotter aftertaste than what you first get when you bite into it. The sandwich was hailed as being true to its word, that it was a very spicy sandwich, but the amount of spice would completely "override" most of the other flavors. While TheReportoftheWeek did note that it wasn't as delicious as it was spicy, he (and Arby's, according to the comment) was glad that the sandwich managed to live up to what it was advertised.