Pioneer Woman Fans Desperately Miss Ree Drummond's Kids

There's no doubt that Ree Drummond is all about family. She was destined for a law school career in Chicago when she met a cowboy named Ladd in an Oklahoma bar. She ultimately decided to marry him and join him on his ranch (via The Pioneer Woman blog). Four kids, one foster son, and a son-in-law later (via Instagram), The Pioneer Woman and her cowboy husband certainly have a full house when everyone's visiting. "These days, with the kids off in different directions, I'm happy with a kiss on the cheek from whatever child is around," Ree said, according to her blog.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the family was able to spend more time together. The kids even acted as the film crew for Ree's Food Network show since her "regular film crew is from the U.K." and couldn't travel. "I hope you are still enjoying the shows the kids and I are shooting. They may be a little silly at times, but they very accurately depict what things are like in our kitchen, our lives, our daily routine," Ree wrote at the time. It appears people not only enjoyed the family film crew but miss seeing the kids in action.

The Drummond kids are no longer filming The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond recently announced on her Facebook page that "The Pioneer Woman"'s normal film crew has returned and they're "making some fun shows together." Over on Instagram, she reports that it's been two years since the U.K. group has been able to film. "I will miss my kids filming with me so so much, but I think you'll like this upcoming crop of shows with my original crew," Ree wrote.

Fans took to the Facebook and Instagram comments sections to share how much they, too, will feel the absence of the Drummond kids on the show. User Toni Cassesi Howley wrote, "Going to miss the 'kids' filming. They were great and added a warm touch to the episodes." Kristen Taubert agreed, chiming in, "No offense to the professional film crew, but I prefer the episodes recorded by all of Ree's 'kids.' The episodes seemed so much more personal, relaxed, and fun. You feel like you are sitting in Ree's kitchen."