Dairy Queen's Cheesy Dude Sandwich Is Making A Comeback

Dairy Queen gets a lot of attention for its frozen desserts, but the fast-food eatery doesn't usually go out of its way to try to compete in the entrée part of the menu. It does dessert and does it well, so why bother trying to get people to eat a coney when they're going to come for a Blizzard after they've mowed through their Whopper or Big Mac? Well, now The Queen is changing her tune and trying to get people in the doors for a full meal, not just the sugar at the end.

Dairy Queen has been going through something of a renaissance. Today reported in March that the chain had started turning up the heat on its burger game with its new Stackburger lineup. These burgers are big, ranging from ⅓ to ½ of a pound of beef stacked up on a bun. This has been one of the biggest changes the frozen treat vendor has made to its menu in more than two decades. 

It seems the royal lady of cream is still tweaking, as it's now bringing back the Cheesy Dude sandwich, proving that dairy isn't just for dessert anymore.

The Cheesy Dude is only in Texas, and only for a limited time

Considering the name "Dairy Queen" implies a female ruler, it can be assumed that when DQ called its sandwich the "Cheesy Dude," it wasn't being intentionally sexist any more than the "lady fingers" in tiramisu are sexist. Rather, what the restaurant was trying to do was provide hungry patrons with enough pepper jack cheese to clog a tailpipe, all wrapped around a chicken-fried steak patty.

The Cheesy Dude sandwich began as a regional menu item in the early days of 2022, according to The Fast Food Post. It showed up alongside cheesy steak fingers in the Lone Star State. For those Texans who missed out on these cheesy menu items, Chew Boom reports they are both making a comeback. The Dude and the fingers will be offered at limited locations for a limited time, and they're only available in the place that always remembers the Alamo: Texas.

The claim is that these items might not last outside of October, so fans won't want to wait too long to try this cheesy treat.