Taste The Flavors Of Wakanda With A Dozen Cousins

November 11, 2022, marks the triumphant return of the "Black Panther" movie franchise with the sequel "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (via Digital Spy)." After the mammoth success of the first film, expectations are indeed high (via The Atlantic). Nevertheless, all eyes will be on how the film performs after the untimely passing of lead actor Chadwick Boseman. To boost the film's chances of success, marketing for the film is going all out (via Marvel). This has included traditional means like television and radio ads to more novel and unexpected partnerships.

One of those unexpected partnerships is with the burgeoning food brand A Dozen Cousins. A Dozen Cousins is a Black-owned business specializing in Black and Latino recipes across the continent. The company is committed to making healthy food options for families, so they avoid any artificial flavors or GMOs. In honor of the new Black Panther film, the company is bringing some African-inspired Caribbean cuisine to the masses.

A taste of Wakanda

To celebrate the "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's" release, food brand A Dozen Cousins is bringing three Wakanda-Inspired flavored rice to a grocery store near you: Wakandan Jollof Rice, Wakandan Jerk Seasoning, and Wakandan Coconut Rice (via A Dozen Cousins). And, if you buy the whole set, you also receive a vibranium spoon — inspired by the famed rare metal from the film.

The brand's name is an ode to its founder, Ibraheem Basir, daughter, and their 11 cousins. They are committed to offering healthier food alternatives for families. The new Black Panther collection is inspired by people from Africa, whose culture enormously impacted the food in the Caribbean region.

Jollof rice and Coconut rice are the perfect flavors to enhance your rice. The jerk seasoning is great for adding a kick to your preferred protein. If you can't wait to get your hands on one of these seasoning sauces, you're in luck. All three are available now on their website, at Target, Harris Teeter, Central Market, and Amazon.