Why Karamo Show Was Forced To Delete Bizarre Pink Sauce Segment

With the epic return of the Barbiecore trend, the color pink has reigned supreme in 2022. There was no escaping it in the summer, not even on TikTok. In June 2022, Chef Pii, a Florida-based private chef and TikToker, went viral after enjoying her fried chicken with a bowl of a neon pink condiment, and hence, the Pink Sauce was born.

The peculiar product had its fair share of controversies from the get-go with people questioning its quality, safety, and consistency. The product's chaotic roll-out included complaints from customers about typos in labeling, problematic shipping, and a lack of FDA approval among other issues. Chef Pii defended her sauce on social media and told The Washington Post that her products were safe to consume and were manufactured in an FDA-certified facility, but the drama never ceased as people wondered if Pink Sauce was a waste of money

The influencer found herself in hot water yet again after her interview on the "Karamo Show," where she slammed a concerned customer and fellow TikToker who sent Pink Sauce for lab testing over health and safety concerns.

Some people believe the customer was gaslit

The show's YouTube channel took down the episode after social media users bombarded the comment section with criticism directed at Chef Pii as well as the showrunner, Karamo Brown, per Sportskeeda. Chef Pii was not receptive to her customer's feedback as YouTuber Atozy showed in his video, and when the customer said she could've reached out to her to provide an explanation for the faulty product, she said, "Why would I contact someone who is fabricating something on the internet? To be honest, you're not special."

In response, people heavily criticized Brown for how he handled the situation after hearing both sides of the story. In the end, he accused the customer of not being considerate about how her criticism of Pink Sauce might affect Chef Pii's business and livelihood, saying in part, "If it was on the other foot, you'd be sitting here upset, crying, mad." After the episode aired, one disappointed viewer took to Twitter and wrote, "If anything, he owes an apology to the guest Allie for shaming her for simply criticizing a half-a**ed product that she bought with her own money ..." Another user tweeted, "I love him so much so this is a huge letdown. Context: Pink Sauce was not good and Karamo was like 'I think [you] just have bad energy' to one of the people reviewing it."

Chef Pii later apologized to the customer for the way she treated her during the show and thanked her for being kind.