You Can Soon Buy Water And Wine In The Same Box

Negroni sbagliatos may be the hot cocktail at the moment, but just like any TikTok trend, this one, too, will likely fade. In just a matter of time, bartenders will stop running out of Campari, and as the holiday season quickly approaches, liquor and grocery stores will also probably start seeing consumers purchasing less of the "broken" Negroni ingredients, as well — possibly in favor of a few bottles of wine. Per a 2021 NielsenIQ report, 70% of alcohol buyers were expected to purchase some type of vino during the holidays last year (via Forbes). With Financial News Media reporting that the demand for wine is currently "booming" in the U.S., sales this year may very well look the same.

As anyone who has ever imbibed in one too many glasses of wine can probably confirm, the boozy grape derivative leads to some of the worst hangovers, which Healthline explains is due to the presence of congeners. Red wine contains the highest concentration of these chemicals, but in reality, sipping on any type of wine can set you up for a terrible tomorrow.

Staying hydrated in between glasses is one way to help avoid the dreaded wine hangover, though that's sometimes easier said than done. This year, however, Food & Wine reports that Essentia Water and House Wine have teamed up to create a new product that can help to make your post-holiday party drinking merry and bright.

Essentia Water & Wine boxes will be available starting November 9

Boxed wine may not have the best rep, but the latest collab from Essentia Water and House Wine may put an end to its negative stigma. According to Food & Wine, the alkaline water brand is partnering with the canned wine company this holiday season to make it easier than ever to stay hydrated during all of your Friendsgivings and office parties with the new Essentia Water & Wine boxes.

Available exclusively on the House Wine website in limited quantities starting November 9, each three-plus gallon box will be sold for $45.99 and features two separate spouts. The one on the left connects to a two-gallon box of Essentia's Overachieving H20 water — which in addition to providing hydration, is also quite sustainable, as it uses 80% less plastic than 8 separate 1 Liter bottles of Essentia's Alkaline water (via Essentia's website). The right spout, meanwhile, provides access to both House Wine's Sauvignon Blanc, as well as its Original Red Blend, which combine together for a total of about eight bottles of wine. No need to worry about getting the spouts mixed up, either, as the product's sleek, two-toned packaging will make it easy to differentiate which "elixir of life" you'll be getting when filling your glass. 

Be sure to keep in mind that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sets the standard serving for wine at five ounces per glass — and, as always, never drink and drive.