McDonald's Is Offering $1 Fries Until 2023

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if you haven't started any of your holiday shopping yet, you're already a bit behind the eight ball. Sure, we haven't even made it to Halloween yet. However, according to a recent Bankrate survey, half of this year's winter shoppers have either already started shopping, or plan to start knocking items off of their list, by October 31, which, by the way, is in just five short days.

With that being said, those who may now be reevaluating their shopping plans may find themselves looking particularly closely at their budgets for the next two months — especially when there are exceptionally high prices of Thanksgiving essentials like turkey and inflated Thanksgiving dessert prices to consider this year as well. Finding small ways to cut costs can be key to having a few extra dollars in the bank for gift buying throughout the holiday season, and one area where that can easily be done is with food.

Ramsey Solutions suggests buying generic, meal planning, and making lunch at home as possible means of saving money, though that's not to say you can't also fit going out to eat in your budget, especially if you're fond of fast food. Most chains offer customers the opportunity to score exclusive deals through their mobile apps, and right now, McDonald's is running a promo that will help you save money through the end of the year.

Free Fry Fridays are back at McDonald's

As if there weren't already enough reasons to love Fridays, McDonald's is once again running its Free Fry Fridays promo. Per McDonald's, customers just need to download and register for the Mickey Dee's mobile app to take part in this weekly deal (which, by the way, will also score you a free large order of fries). Once the app is cemented on your phone screen, all you'll need to do is make a Mobile Order & Pay purchase for a minimum of $1 before taxes, at which point the coupon for free fries can be applied to your order. 

The coupon will be unlocked in the app every Friday from now until December 31 and can be tacked on to a purchase of any lunch or dinner item, including the beloved McRib sandwich that will be returning to McDonald's restaurants nationwide on October 31 (via Brand Eating). With Fast Food Prices reporting the average cost of a medium-sized order of fries goes for $2.79, that means the deal offers the potential to save more than $30 over the course of the remaining 11 Fridays in 2022.

Of course, we all know that cravings for the Golden Arches' infamous fries aren't limited to the end of the workweek, nor is the need for saving money. Fortunately, McDonald's is currently running a number of other deals on its app through the end of 2022, including $1 large fries and $0.99 hot or iced coffee.