Now There's A Halloween Cocktail Kit For Peacock's Vampire Academy

When it comes to boozy holidays, there's a few obvious choices. New Year's comes to mind as being rife with alcohol. St. Patrick's Day tends to conjure images of green beer being consumed as a chaser for endless shots of Jameson. The Fourth of July involves a lot of imbibing and is mixed with explosives for endless fun at the emergency room. Then there's Halloween, which American Addiction Centers says is the holiday with the fifth most alcohol consumption per person. Which makes sense, because you can't be a sexy cat without first having a classic cocktail or nine

There's another facet that goes into Halloween beyond alcohol consumption, and that's the sense of theater. Halloween is a dramatic holiday with exciting decorations, wild costumes, haunted corn mazes, and lots of overall production. This means when it comes to mixology, you can't just put out some of Fresca's canned cocktails and call yourself a host. There needs to be some special presentation, which is where the "Vampire Academy" cocktail kit from Cocktail Courier comes into play.

All the spirits you need for a Halloween cocktail at your monster mash

Between buying fright wigs, loading up on the best Halloween candy, and putting body parts out on your lawn, there's not a lot of time to learn how to mix up the perfect mai-tai cocktail, or make a Dark 'n' Stormy that truly broods in its glass. For busy people, the Vampire Academy: Royal Elixirs cocktail kit provides drinks that have loads of Halloween cheer, are reasonably easy to make, look good, and don't involve strange ingredients that might make your guests sick.

For those unfamiliar with "Vampire Academy," it is a television series on Peacock that The Hollywood Reporter compared to "Game of Thrones," "The Hunger Games," "Harry Potter," "Divergent," and "Bridgerton." However, you don't need to be a fan, or even care about the show, to be able to use the kit to mix up a handful of Halloween-themed drinks.

The whole kit with its accompanying kaboodle, can be ordered on the Cocktail Courier website and comes with every ingredient needed to make up a couple of signature cocktails. In the box are loads of varying syrups and garnishes to get the look just right. There's plenty of ginger beer and juice, but the crowning glory is the Goslings Black Seal Rum. It even comes in a bottle that looks like it belongs in a house with velvet drapes on the windows.