Fresca's Canned Cocktails Are Now Available In Two Fruity Flavors

Canned cocktails have been making a splash for a few years now, and more brands keep hopping on board the trend. From hard seltzers like White Claws to Jim Beam's Classic Highball, the canned cocktail industry is leaving nothing to the imagination. If you're new to the can scene, you can start by reading about 30 popular canned cocktails ranked by Mashed.

Alcohol brands aren't the only ones testing the canned beverage waters. In fact, Coca-Cola paired up with Jack Daniels to produce a classic cocktail in a can — "Jack and Coke." And let's be honest, it's easy to appreciate the convenience of popping open a can without having to mix and blend multiple ingredients, especially when at the beach.

FRESCA is another brand that's jumping on the canned cocktail ship, and according to an announcement obtained by Mashed, FRESCA has been "the base in various drink recipes for years." There's even a highlight on the FRESCA Instagram account dedicated to cocktails. People enjoy blending the distinct citrusy taste with a favorite alcohol, and the popularity of this mixture has prompted the creation of FRESCA Mixed.

FRESCA Mixed offers a Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma

Per a press release, the spirit giant Constellation Brands will be producing the new makeover for FRESCA in the form of mixed canned cocktails. Like many other cans on the market, these alcoholic beverages are 100 calories per can, contain 5% ABV, have no added sugar, and are gluten-free. Per an announcement sent to Mashed, you will have a choice of two flavors – Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma.

The Vodka Spritz variety is described as a "delicious cocktail that mixes the light and classic taste of FRESCA with real vodka distilled four times." For those who enjoy citrusy cocktails such as a screwdriver or vodka grapefruit, this may be a good choice. The Tequila Paloma cocktail is detailed as a "modern and sophisticated take on the iconic Paloma cocktail." The canned beverage is made from a "real tequila Blanco from Mexico," although like the vodka, there is no actual brand mentioned.

It's reported that you can purchase a four-pack of 12 oz FRESCA Mixed cans at various retailers across the country for a suggested retail price of $9.99.