Applebee's Just Dropped Fried Cinnabon Mini Swirls

Do you dream of enjoying delicious Cinnabon cinnamon buns in the comfort of a sit-down restaurant setting? Applebee's wants to make that dream come true for dessert lovers nationwide. The brand already had some pretty tasty dessert options, however, until recently, it mainly catered to the chocoholic with a variety of sumptuous offerings. 

Of course, if you're a chocolate-loving regular at Applebee's, you're likely already familiar with their main dessert items, which include chocolate lava cake, the Triple Chocolate Meltdown, the Blue Ribbon Brownie, two warm brownies served à la mode, and their Brownie Bite, a single warm brownie with nuts with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream and a hot fudge drizzle.

Until this latest dessert drop, there was only one non-chocolate dessert on the menu, the Sizzlin' Butter Pecan Blondie, an ice cream-smothered warm blondie with pecans. Sadly, even this non-chocolate offering is not available at all locations leaving non-chocolate fans high and dry in those places. Although you could always resort to picking from Applebee's famous cocktails (if you get stuck here, 35% of people think this is Applebees best cocktail), we'd recommend trying something newly introduced on the Applebees menu. 

For those who prefer a non-chocolate dessert, or just die-hard Cinnabon fans, here's what you can look forward to.

Cinnabon with a twist

Now before you go getting too excited, these will not be your classic Cinnabons (via Brand Eating). The new dessert from Applebee's will be a sort of a play on Cinnabons, offering a decidedly family-friendly Applebee's take on the classic flavors you know and love. 

Instead of full-size rolls, the new dessert will offer a bowl full of miniature rolls called Mini Swirls, each of which is fully coated all over in cinnamon sugar. Their number and diminutive size make them a perfect dessert for sharing. However, it should also be noted that size isn't the only difference between Mini Swirls and the classic Cinnabon. Instead of simply baking these delicious treats, Applebee's workers will deep fry the Mini Swirls to add even more flavor to their richness. 

Additionally, don't expect the familiar drizzle of silky white icing. Although these are often the best parts of the classic Cinnabon, no one likes it when the baker is stingy with the sauce. Instead, you can add as much of that classic cream cheese frosting as you want from a dipping bowl that accompanies the adorable Mini Swirls. To top it all off, the Swirls are covered with caramel sauce. The Cinnabon Mini Swirls along with fellow newbie Sugar Dusted Donut Dippers are diversifying Applebee's dessert menu starting this fall, making it a more welcoming place for non-chocolate lovers.