The Bizarre Lie GBBO's Carole Told When She Was Cast

"Carole, lie? That is preposterous." This is likely what is going through your mind if your heart has been stolen by Carole Edwards "The Great British Bake Off" (GBBO).

Perhaps it is the picture of her earnest simplicity as betrayed by her adorable grasp of avocados, or her accent (that guacamole also bore the brunt of), per Independent. Or is it because of her humble knack for scraping through the competition on the seat of her pants? Maybe it is due to the watershed that followed the disaster with her showstopper mask in Episode 2 (per Heart). Perhaps it is all of the latter cumulatively, making the thought of the dearly beloved Carole fibbing seem unsavory.

As preposterous as it seems, it is likely true, and not only of Carole, but of every GBBO contestant, film crew, and family member privileged enough to be in the loop, per the commercial law firm Laytons.

Carole's flamboyant deception

Let's start with the fact that any contestant making it onto "The Great British Bake Off" needs to hold their accomplishment close to the chest. The latter is a secret, and often these contestants are forced to deceive at the behest of a binding contract in the form of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). So strict is this NDA that it has contestants lying to their nearest and dearest, per Insider. Stacey Hart from Season 8, for example, could not even tell her children. "They would tell the world, my kids, they couldn't keep that secret," she said to the Insider. Her white lie to her friends and family (excluding her husband) was that she had signed on for a course.

While Carole adhered to the secrecy clause of GBBO, she still managed to convey that she was about to become famous. According to Birmingham Mail, Carole told her family and friend that she was busy filming at Welford Park in England. "I told my work colleagues I was on jury service ... then I changed it to say I was on the Johnny Depp trial" (per Birmingham Mail). While GBBO was her most illustrious venture, it is not her first foray with publicity. She holds down a slot on an English radio station where she shares her knowledge on making compost, per the Daily Echo.