The Truth About Carole From Great British Bake Off Season 13

When "The Great British Bake Off" returns for Season 13, it will bring an entirely new crop of contestants and their delightful confectionary creations to the tent. From the showstoppers that impress with their unique talents to the technical bakers with masterful skills, only the best will advance to the next round, until a winner earns the coveted crown. Although the American audience may not be quite as familiar with the fanciful British desserts, the amicable atmosphere has food television fans tuning in week after week.

As shared by the show's official website, judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are back. Although sometimes stern in their reviews, their keen eyes stay focused on the important details that can make all the difference. Without being too terse, their critiques are typically on point. In addition, presenters Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas bring a little lighthearted banter into the mix. While "The Great British Bake Off" can be more jovial than many other culinary competitions, it is the show's sense of comradery that makes it so enjoyable. In the new season, one contestant, Carole Edwards (aka "Compost Carole") might be the baker most ready to grab her chance at baking greatness.

Who is Carole from the Class of 2022?

As a member of "The Great British Bake Off" Season 13 class, Carole hails from Dorset, a county in South West England on the English Channel. Per her official show biography, she is a 59-year-old supermarket cashier. Based on her official show image, her vibrantly colored hair should make her a can't-miss in the tents, though it remains to be seen if her personality is just as flashy. More importantly, could her cashier skills help her stay calm while under pressure during the competition? In the "GBBO" preview trailer, we only catch a glimpse of Carole. It is unclear whether her minute presence predicts her length of stay on the show. 

In response to a recent tweet from the show, it would appear that many fans already find themselves drawn to Carole, registering her as perhaps an early fan favorite in the tent. But cool hair alone will not earn the big prize nor help avoid any of Paul Hollywood's criticism. Even though fans may like certain bakers, their substance must be able to match their style. As many contestants have learned the hard way, a lovely lattice paired with a soggy bottom does not make a winning pie.

What can viewers expect from Carole on GBBO Season 13?

While her show biography only offers a peek at her background, the Dorset grandmother is no stranger to the public eye. Also known on local radio as "Compost Carole," she has her own on-air segment where she shares her gardening expertise with listeners. Even if that horticulture knowledge may not give her an advantage when the tent temperatures start to rise, it could certainly help with her design aesthetic. With the bakers' backgrounds already diverse, sometimes having those extra components can serve them well in standing out from the others. Hopefully, viewers will get a glimpse of some beautiful blooms amidst her intricate details.

Given that "GBBO" revealed Carole's gardening know-how, it will be curious to see if a nod to sustainability may be woven into this season's competition. Could the show prompt a larger discussion about food choices with her inclusion this season? 

Could Carole win GBBO Season 13?

While it is nearly impossible to predict the results of any baking show competition from the start, that does not stop people from trying anyway. Some pick a favorite baker based on their appearance, while others just naturally gravitate toward certain contestants throughout the season as a result of their performances. While the concept of "The Great British Bake Off" is to celebrate home bakers, it is also to demonstrate the contestants' knowledge, skill, and execution under pressure, all keys to their success on the show. 

According to her bio, Carole said that she learned techniques from YouTube. While admirable, this could prove to be her downfall. Baking under pressure is much different than replicating the process and results of a video. As Vulture predicted, she might be set for an early dismissal from the tent.  

In an interview with Radio Times, "definitely decorating the cake, especially using fondant" is something Carole pointed out as one of her biggest strengths entering the competition. Looking at Carole's Instagram page, that proficiency is rather apparent. However, she admitted that her "weakness is quite possibly patisserie!" Given that the eventual winner of "GBBO" Season 13 will have to excel in all aspects of baking, the grocery store clerk from Dorset might have an uphill battle in front of her.

What did Carole reveal about her GBBO Season 13 experience?

The baker from Dorset has given a glimpse into her first week competing on "The Great British Bake Off Season 13. In an interview with Daily Echo, Carole revealed that she enjoyed getting to know her fellow contestants, but it seemed like she was having her photo taken 200 times. Even if it might have felt like a paparazzi moment, she was thrilled to be part of the experience.

Still, Carole was surprised with one aspect of the show. She revealed that the "GBBO" tent might not be what it seems: "It was much smaller than I expected, but it had a familiar feeling about it, as I had watched nearly every one of "GBBO" episodes, so felt quite at home." We shall see if Carole is able to keep her nerves in check and serve impeccable desserts to the judges. Unlike at home, there is no do-over, but she hopes that all that practice will serve her well as she seeks to advance in the competition.