Twitter Is Loving Ted Allen's Throwback Pic With Amanda Freitag

"Chopped" is an unusual show in many ways. It managed to spin the "American Idol" formula by putting it in the cooking competition space and adding time limits. Then there's the fact that since it debuted in 2007 (via IMDb) and there are 52 "Chopped" seasons you can stream online. "SNL" has only done 48, and it came out in 1975, the same year as "Starsky and Hutch."

Part of the allure of "Chopped" is that it manages to mix old and new, keeping many of the same judges season after season, with some fresh faces rotated in, and brand new competitors. It's a beautiful medley that has kept fans coming back, and part of its recipe for success are the two people who makeup the core of the show, Ted Allen and Amanda Freitag.

Allen was the host of "Chopped" since it was nothing but a cute idea for a television program, and IMDb shows that Freitag first showed up on the fourth episode. Though she might not have been there at the exact starting gate, once Amanda was added, she has appeared more than any other judge, and nary a season has gone by where she hasn't shown up on the panel to offer her wit, boundless charisma, and insight.

Recently, Freitag has also become the unofficial historian of "Chopped." She apparently found and shared an old picture from the first week of "Chopped" filming. It shows just how far the people, and sets, on the show have come.

There's nothing but joy and love flowing from Allen and Freitag's tweets

Go to Amanda Freitag's Twitter account, and you're likely to see a lot of booze. This isn't because the renowned chef is a hooch hound, so far as we know, but because she says she's going to be selling pre-mixed adult beverages. Already she's proven to be quite the mixologist with her delicious summer cocktail mashup. However, when she's not selling silly sauce, she's celebrating her time with her fellow TV personalities.

"Look what @AmandaFreitag found!" read the enthusiastic tweet posted to Ted Allen's Twitter. "This was the first week—might even be first day—of #Chopped shooting." Just looking at the pair shows the sort of playful, warm relationship that seems to extend beyond the camera. "Love you, Ted!" was the response Freitag tweeted to the picture, and it seems social media is joining in on the affection.

"Love both of you!" said one Twitter reply. "Love it!!" said another. "Chopped is still my favorite show!" exuded a third. One person pointed out that it's possible the duo are vampires who do not age, because they stated the disturbing truth that, "You two look exactly the same!" However, Freitag has been seen cooking with garlic so she may instead be unaging for other reasons. Ted is still suspect as it's unknown when he was last seen in direct sunlight. He also hates truffle oil, which may be a sign he's undead.