A Couple's Morning Coffee Routine Caused A Toxic Social Media Backlash

Social media is far more unpredictable than McDonald's McRib, and one woman's innocent tweet about her morning routine with her husband proves it. According to BuzzFeed, Daisey Miller and her husband, Matt Beaton, start their day by spending time together in their yard and talking over a cup of coffee every day. They have built a regenerative garden, and Miller finds it therapeutic to relax with her husband there before they go about their day.

"It never gets old [and] we never run out of things to talk to [sic]. Love him so much," she tweeted in part. Miller seemingly intended it to be a glimpse into her wholesome routine with her husband, but somehow, fellow Twitter users weren't all too impressed with it. Some wondered whether Miller and Beaton go to work at all, while others accused her of showing off her perfect and presumably wealthy life on the internet.

Twitter users slam the woman and her 'perfect' life

"I feel like when people brag about their life online it really takes away from the sanctity of it. Sad society we live in," one user wrote in reply to Daisey Miller's tweet. Another user wrote, "I wake up every day with chronic pain (tarsal tunnel syndrome), and wash my OCD medication down with an iced oat milk latte. But [whatever] – PotatoE poTotO ama rite (sic)?" When a user asked if Miller and her husband go to work, she said their routine is quite flexible since they are entrepreneurs and her husband is a yoga instructor and a professional skateboarder. "Mornings are sacred around our house," she added. Despite her reply, the netizens kept bashing her.

However, some people sympathized with Miller. "The internet is filled with waaayyyy [too] many miserable people! Jeez! How did this beautiful thing I read cause this many negative comments? Idg I'm sooo confused," one user opined. Another commenter said, "People aren't being rightfully bitter, they're being nasty to someone who has nothing to do with the state of their life."

The outpouring of negativity forced Miller to set the record straight in a single reply: "We are not rich by any means. We've worked extremely hard to get to where we're at. We live very minimally and consciously [and] work jobs that match our lifestyle and allow us to live the life that we do," she said before thanking people for their uplifting comments.