The Fastest Way To Get Yourself Banned From An Old Country Buffet

While we don't recommend purposely trying to get yourself banned from a restaurant, we can't deny that we get a laugh out of the stories. To clarify, we're only laughing at harmless (yet entertaining) behavior, not at instances where restaurant owners have to ban people for harassing an employee or throwing a "tantrum" when they don't get their way.

But back to the lighthearted stuff. If you scour the internet, you'll see that people have been kicked out of restaurants for plenty of reasons. One Reddit thread, for example, gathered hundreds of these stories, from one drunk person being kicked out for trying to cook spaghetti in the bar's kitchen, to another person getting kicked out of IHOP for wearing face paint on Halloween. You know, really dumb stuff. However, one Boy Scout's story of getting banned from Old Country Buffet truly takes the cake. Well, in this case, it takes the sugar.

Maybe don't let the kids run wild at Old Country Buffet

We've all had the experience of trying to enjoy a meal out at a nice restaurant, only to have the ambiance ruined by some diners with rambunctious kids. This kind of situation is what led to one Boy Scout "convoy" getting banned from an Old Country Buffet in Minnesota.

Considering how Old Country Buffet is, duh, an all-you-can-eat buffet, you might expect this story to have something to do with going overboard on the buffet, but no, not this time. Instead, this particular story has everything to do with sugar.

According to Food & Wine, a group of 18 Boy Scouts and six adults stopped at an Old Country Buffet after a long week of canoeing. The kids sat in one area, and the adults sat elsewhere. The group's offense? One person explained, "Apparently snorting lines of sugar like it was cocaine is not something they appreciate at the Old Country Buffet." Yeah, we have to agree with that, but, as long as no one was hurt, it still makes for a pretty funny story.