Burger King's Your Way Meal Is Back To $5

There was a time when nearly every fast food restaurant had a dollar menu. You could go to Wendy's or McDonald's or even Carl's Jr. and find burgers, fries, and nuggets that cost about a buck. Back then, dollar stores also had items that actually cost a dollar, which MSN reports isn't the case any longer. The Wall Street Journal says that fast food joints are likewise discarding their dollar offerings — and raising menu prices in general — as post-COVID inflation comes calling.

In order to help supplant their dollar menus, some brands have tried implementing cost-effective deals for full meals. One example was Burger King's Your Way Meal. This debuted in December of 2021 and cost just $5. Back then, it included a Double Whopper Jr., a quartet of nuggets, some fries, and a drink (via The Fast Food Post). While not as big of a bargain as Costco's $1.50 hot dog and drink combo, it was still pretty good.

Then, this past August, the King decided to ramp up the price of the Your Way Meal to $6, reported Brand Eating. The more costly meal consisted of a choice between a couple of double burgers, some chicken fries, and normal fries, sans drink. Fast-forward to today, and the menu has yet been again revised — and it's back to its original $5 price tag.

The Your Way Meal isn't the same, but at least a drink is back in the mix

When BK priced the Your Way Meal at $6, it gave hungry customers a little more for their money. Instead of a Double Whopper Jr., the burgers available were the Bacon Double Cheeseburger or Rodeo Double Cheeseburger. The four-piece nuggets were replaced with nine chicken fries, and the drink was cut out. While this was marginally more food, it also meant that anyone who might get thirsty while eating was going to need to shell out even more money to wet their whistle. (Considering the salt content of the meal, that would probably be everyone.)

It's unclear what prompted Burger King to change its Your Way Meal, but it's easy to guess. Upon looking at the $6 option, one Reddit comment summed up the feelings of many: "No drink is a dealbreaker sadly." That person is likely dancing in the streets now, or at least having lunch with a drink for less.

The new $5 version of the Your Way Meal does have a drink but does not include a Double Whopper Jr. the way the original did, according to Brand Eating. Instead, customers can choose between a standard Whopper Jr. and a BBQ Bacon Whopper Jr. The rest is the same as before, with small fries playing backup to the burger, four nuggets on the side, and a drink to wash it all down.