Aldi's Cookie Dessert Bars Are Turning Heads

According to Medical News Today, it's been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That's probably a lie. The most important meal of the day might just be dessert. 

Some, like Ask Difference, will say that dessert isn't a meal. That's because they're doing it wrong. Play it right, and not only can dessert be a meal, but every meal can be dessert. Start off with coffee cake, have a dessert pizza for lunch, then cookies with cappuccino followed by a Fireball cocktail for dinner, and you have a full sugary day. It might increase your risk for diabetes, but hey — no plan is perfect.

For those who are seeking to increase their sugar intake, German grocery chain Aldi has been doing a stellar job of offering up loads of sweetness to tantalize its customers' tongues. There are sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches to be had there, and loads of Aldi's store brands that emulate the biggest names on the market for a fraction of the price. Many of these manage to be better than the originals. Then there are Aldi's specialty products, like the new cookie dessert bars for anyone who wants saccharine bliss in crispy, biscuit cookie form.

Aldi is ready for those in search of crispy cookies

It's easy to make the mistake of thinking all cookies are basically the same. This is patently untrue. There are cookies you dunk in milk, like Oreos, and then cookies that resist dunking, like Mallomars. There are cookies with icing, such as the E.L. Fudge, and there are those with a healthier spin, like Nutter Butters or Fig Newtons. Finally, there's the eternal battle between the soft, chewy cookie, and those that are made in the crispy shortbread style. Anyone seeking the last option has a new set of treats to try from Aldi.

In an Instagram post, one Aldi adherent says they ran across some cookie bars that are part of Aldi's "Specially Selected" line. The poster says, "These three bars looked so yummy that I bought all three so my family could taste test." The result wasn't encouraging, but that isn't the fault of the cookie bars themselves. "We are a family that enjoys moist chewy cookies," said the poster. "These are not it."

The description explains that they are very much like biscuits, which won't work for anyone who likes a cookie to melt in their mouth. However, commenters who live the crispy life seemed to enjoy them. "We had Rocky road and it was delicious!!" said one. "Got the cookie dough one today, SO GOOD," offered another. So if you're needing some crunch and crumble in your dessert diet, these could be your saving grace.