TikTok Is 'Literally Crying' Over The Real Dunkin' Halloween Donuts

Don't get us wrong, donuts are good every day of the year, but there's just something extra special about holiday donuts. And when it comes to Dunkin's spooktacular menu items, we know we're in for a real treat.

Per a Dunkin' press release from mid-October, the Halloween menu features two drinks and two donuts. The drinks include the Blood Orange Refresher and the Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato, while the donuts include the Dunk-o-Lantern and the beloved Spider Donut.

The Spider Donut in particular has been all over the chain's Instagram the last few weeks, but the Dunk-o-Lantern (which is supposed to look like a pumpkin) has been taking off on TikTok, and not for the reason you might expect. We'll give you a little hint — if you order a Halloween donut from Dunkin', it's probably not going to look like the promo picture. At least it'll still taste good, though.

Expectations vs. reality: Dunkin' edition

As cute as Dunkin's Halloween donuts look on social media, the sad reality is that your Dunkin' donut probably won't look nearly as good. One TikTok user shared a great example of this phenomenon with a video comparing their donut expectations to their somewhat-disturbing donut reality.

Despite the Dunk-o-Lantern donut being advertised as being pumpkin-shaped, with orange icing and brown detailing, this TikTok user received what amounts to an orange-iced blob with tiny sprinkle eyes and a sloppy smile. To really hammer home their disappointment, they overlaid audio of someone crying.

Daily Dot suggested that the donut had been "hastily put together," but TikTok comments pointed out that Dunkin' donut decorators aren't necessarily artistically-inclined. One Dunkin' employee wrote, "I did them this morning and didn't know what they were supposed to look like so I freestyled." However, many people were in agreement that the non-artsy donuts are "10x funnier." We would have to second that.