Taco Bell Released A Sneak Peek Of Its Mexican Pizza Musical On Twitter

A Taco Bell musical? Is this some kind of joke? What's next, a McDonald's-themed Broadway show? Is KFC going to be hosting the Super Bowl Halftime this year? You've seen a lot of stuff in the last few years, but are you so immune to weirdness that you'd shrug off a Taco Bell musical?

The idea of food companies using musical theater to promote their products isn't exactly anything new. Skittles launched a one-time-only event of an actual Broadway musical that combined a Skittles commercial and satire back in 2019 during the Super Bowl (via Playbill). In September 2022, M&M's released a new purple mascot character through the use of a music video promoting inclusivity and uniqueness (via AdAge). In 2015, McDonald's tried to market towards Hispanic customers using a musical featuring Leslie Grace (via HuffPost). If commercials have already taken over the internet, TV, and radio, why not the theater?

"Alright then," you're probably saying as you throw your hands in the air. "What exactly is Taco Bell up to this time? If they can make a musical about candy and hamburgers, then why not make one about Mexican Pizza?" Buckle up, grab your Baja Blast, and quiet down, as we take you through a brief look into the Mexican Pizza musical. 

The musical aired in September 2022

"Let the meat and the beans and the cheese rain."

This is, according to Taco Bell's Twitter, an actual lyric straight from "Mexican Pizza: The Musical." The musical "aired," or more accurately streamed, on TikTok on September 15, 2022, and was broken down into separate "acts" the same way your average Broadway musical is. Unsurprisingly, the musical was filled with praise for the return of the Mexican Pizza, detailing how fans petitioned for the chain to bring back the dish, which had last been seen in 2020 (via Today).

Like any other musical, the show was open to the peanut gallery to review. Jessica Gelt of the Los Angeles Times suspected that the airing of "Mexican Pizza: The Musical" will continue to reignite the love consumers have for the Mexican-Italian treat. Brianna Wellen of The Takeout reports that, despite one's apprehensions, the musical isn't as bad as you would expect and, despite it being a cheesy ad, it was overall a pretty impressive show for what it's worth. We can only assume that the cameo by Dolly Parton was enough to salvage the show. 

Whether or not you found "Mexican Pizza: The Musical" a fun romp or another example of cynical over-the-top advertising, the overall message we can take away from this is that the Mexican Pizza is here to stay, and for that, many Taco Bell customers can be grateful.