The Luxury Ice Cream Topping We're Just Not That Sure About

When it comes to ice cream, there are endless possibilities. You can almost always take your pick between having it served on a cone, sundae, milkshake, or a blizzard-like, creamy concoction. Even with how it's served, you can often choose between hard ice cream and soft serve, as well as thousands of different flavors.

Ice cream is served and enjoyed around the world in different ways, there's ample room to experiment when it comes to new flavors and toppings. From Japan's mochi ice cream, Italy's gelato, Turkey's dondurma, Thailand's rolled ice cream, and more, it seems like you'll never taste all the different ways ice cream is served and the variety of flavors offered.

Throughout the years, we can say that we've tried some interesting toppings to spice up the classic cold dessert. Drizzling olive oil on ice cream, adding popcorn to ice cream sundaes, and even splashing red wine to both chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Now, a luxury food offering is turning heads as chefs start to incorporate it more into desserts and ice cream to make it more accessible to food lovers, and it's quite bizarre.

Caviar to top off your ice cream sundae

If you're someone who loves to relish the taste of caviar and find the delicacy more on the savory side, you might want to consider dishing it out as a topping on your ice cream. Fish eggs on ice cream though? Sounds pretty weird. But hey, don't knock it until you try it. According to Food & Wine, pastry chef Miro Uskokovic will top a lot of his carefully crafted desserts with caviar. He claims that with caviar's salty consistency, it can "offset sweetness well." Uskokovic recommends dishing yourself a little spoonful of caviar on top of vanilla ice cream or with white chocolate.

Pairing caviar with dessert is actually really common among dessert chefs. Because of how expensive it is as well as its buttery taste, many chefs prefer to pair caviar with sweeter components like fruit, ice cream, or sweet sauces (via The New York Times).

If you're curious to try this at home, you can buy a little caviar for yourself without breaking the bank. More common grocery stores are starting to carry budget-friendly caviar, including Walmart, or even online at Gourmet Foodstore.