Budweiser's 2022 Holiday Cans Feature 'Seasonal Colors' And Clydesdales

As millions of Americans begin to string up their Christmas lights, numerous brands are also decorating their housing for the holidays. Along with spreading the seasonal spirit, packaging products in a limited-time fashion helps to increase impulse purchases, per Packaging Strategies. Because spending naturally rises during the holidays, consumers are more likely to reach for the most festive product. Reportedly, when Toblerone unveiled its "ho, ho, ho" packaging in 2006, sales increased by 400%.

Budweiser is one brand that shakes things up seasonally. Last year, it released four new cans showcasing Clydesdales horses, a Dalmatian, and a Saint Bernard, the latter of which earned its place through the "Pupweiser" contest (via Beverage Industry). According to Reddit, these cans were meant for collecting and not acquiring all at once. When someone asked why only one type of can was in their pack, a Redditor replied, "I thought this is common knowledge. Each pack is a certain type of can. Not random inside the pack."

This year, you won't have to search to find a specific can, as each pack will contain just one variety.

The brand wants to make a gift for those who work holidays

Budweiser's new can design embodies the holiday spirit while keeping true to the brand it's created by. Instead of rolling out multiple designs like in the previous year, the beer titans kept it simple with just one variation. Per a press release sent to Mashed, the can features the Budweiser Clydesdales as well as red and white holiday colors. The Budweiser logo is imprinted in the vintage bowtie form "as a reminder that Budweiser has been part of special holiday memories with friends and family for decades."

Since 1933, the Clydesdale horses have been mainstays in Budweiser promotions and adages (per Big Commerce). They are typically used in holiday commercials to drive shares, boost emotions, and stay away from controversy. In fact, you may remember seeing a Clydesdale in a popular 2022 Super Bowl commercial (via YouTube).

In addition to the newly designed can release, Budweiser is also projecting the holiday spirit by awarding gift cards for as much as $100 as a thank you to those who have to work on the holidays. In order to win, you must reply to Budweiser's social media posts with the hashtags #BudForHolidays and #Sweepstakes. Participants must be 21 or older, and according to Beverage Dynamics, the contest runs from November 15 to December 31.