Alton Brown Had A Truly Unhinged Martini Question For Twitter

If you thought the classic martini question was the choice between "shaken or stirred," then Alton Brown is about to blow your mind. People browsing Twitter who saw Brown's thought-provoking martini question may have laughed so hard they spit water (or martini) all over their phone or keyboard. Or maybe they were just confused. 

In an interview with "The Bitter Southerner," Brown said he aimed to fuse the spirit of Julia Child, Mr. Wizard, and Monty Python into his show. Well, the "Good Eats" star lived up to his self-imposed ideal by posing a question that's both perplexing and whimsical. The celebrity chef said, "There are only two things that every group on Earth, no matter how cosmopolitan or how remote, want to do in groups. One is laugh, two is eat."

Of course, in his typical style, Brown added "drink" to the list and took that experience to Twitter. Considering Brown previously expressed a controversial opinion about martinis, we have a feeling he's only just getting started.

With the lights out it's more dangerous

Given how particular Alton Brown is about classic cocktails like martinis, his question seems to come out of left field. In a post to Twitter on November 2, Brown asked his 4.4 million followers a fairly straightforward question about James Bond's drink of choice: "So, you're showering in the dark when you drop and break your martini glass. What do you do?"

If you know anything about Twitter, you know users are quick to share their opinions and their wit. One tweeter responded, "Me? Olive with it." Another commented, "Never happens, I switched to sippy cups for precisely this reason." Another particularly popular reply from fans suggested the purchasing of stainless steel martini glasses instead.

Funnily enough, the only reply that earned a reaction from the celebrity chef came from a tech journalist named Mike Elgan. In his response, Elgan wrote, "Go make another martini to dull the pain of stepping on broken glass on your way to making another martini. Obviously." In response, Brown humorously replied, "And that gets you a follow," before he realized that he was already following the quick-witted writer.

If this conversation makes you thirsty, consider trying our guide to the perfect martini, or make it a classic dirty martini containing olive brine. If you don't care for gin, consider a classic vodka martini. Just be careful if you plan to drink it in the shower. As Brown's question implies, a lot can go wrong!