Halloween Baking Championship Finally Crowned The Season 8 Winner

Every October since 2015, "Halloween Baking Championship" has set out to find the most spooktacular pastry chef of the season. Throughout each round, contestants create top-notch Halloween treats lest they face elimination by the judges. Whoever reigns at the end of the month gets awarded $25,000 and the simple pride of being the best.

According to Next Season TV, 10 bakers were involved in this year's competition, and they were judged by Stephanie Boswell, Carla Hall, and Zac Young. The theme of the season was 1980s slasher movies such as "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th." Assisting with this year's program was "Ghost Adventures" actor Zak Bagans. This season, contestants have been asked to bake plenty of spooky sweets, including "creepy" cupcakes and cookies, "cereal killer pies," and "frightening fault line cakes."

With the season at its end, one lucky chef has been crowned champion after her creation was touted as "one of the best offerings in the Food Network show's history," (per Foodsided).

The winner's daily job set them up for success

When the finale of "Halloween Baking Championship" Season 8 aired, only four bakers were left standing (per Foodsided). The first challenge of the night was to create a savory and sweet cheese board, which was meant to eliminate one of the contestants. Instead, according to Food Network's Twitter account, each of the bakers moved on from the challenge because their creations were equally impressive.

In the finale round, contestants were asked to create a black wedding cake. This is where Blayre Wright shined, thus winning the competition by combining amazing taste with an out-of-this-world aesthetic. It's worth mentioning that each creation was quite impressive; after Food Network posted a photo of the cakes on Twitter, votes came in from all directions.

Per Lancaster Online, Wright is the owner of "Flouretta Sweet," a wedding cake business in Manheim, Pennsylvania. "It would mean everything for me to win this," said Wright during the show. "My clients at home see me as a cake maker but I know I'm so much more than that. And it's just about proving that and making my family really proud."

At the end, her cake-making skills paid off, as she walked away $25,000 richer and surely made her clients and family as proud as she wished.