Fans Told Mashed Which Underrated Thanksgiving Episode Is The Best - Exclusive Survey

Over the years, Thanksgiving has provided television viewers with some of the most memorable and outrageously funny sitcom moments. Who can forget "WKRP in Cincinnati's" decision to give away free Thanksgiving turkeys by dropping them from a helicopter? Ground reporter Les Nessman's proclamation, "The turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement," continues to tickle funny bones all these years later.

Most people have their own favorite Thanksgiving-themed TV show. TODAY ranked the "Friends" flashback Thanksgiving episode in the top spot, saying they especially loved seeing Joey pleading for help with a raw turkey stuck on his head. Thrillist celebrated "Bewitched's" journey back to Plymouth at the time of the pilgrims and the mayhem that ensued when Darrin unwittingly struck a match and wound up on trial for witchcraft. And Esquire gave an approving nod to the "Bob's Burgers" episode in which Bob's Thanksgiving turkeys kept winding up in the toilet, launching a full-scale epicurean mystery. 

Mashed recently conducted a survey that yielded some interesting and nostalgic results regarding some other beloved Thanksgiving shows. Perhaps, one of these is on your holiday "must-watch" list as well.

Mashed readers enjoy Modern Family's Thanksgiving

When Mashed asked 622 people "What's your favorite underrated Thanksgiving TV episode," the answers eagerly flew in. So, which show did these Mashed readers pick as number one? It turns out that the resounding favorite with 22.35% of the votes was "Modern Family's" Three Turkeys episode. Yes, the one where Luke and Phil take on the responsibility of preparing Thanksgiving dinner, and Claire, unsurprisingly, makes a secret backup turkey. This poultry-filled mayhem leads to some of the show's most memorable funny moments. After all, who can forget Phil's exasperation over his mysteriously shrunken turkey or Jay's carefully swaddled one? The runner-up was "How I Met Your Mother's" Slapsgiving with 20.9% of the votes and third place went to "Cheers" Thanksgiving Orphans, garnering 17.36%. The least amount of votes (9%) went to "Fresh Off The Boat's" Huangsgiving

It turns out that these survey respondents are not the only ones that gave "Modern Family's" Thanksgiving fare two thumbs-up. Variety loves how this episode's multiple storylines collide with one another, creating a myriad of laughable "mix-ups." Entertainment Weekly enjoys the way none of the characters' machinations unfold as intended. And Cosmopolitan lovingly calls it a "shady episode," explaining that everyone is "trying to either skip out on dinner, avoid dressing up, or troll each other's ability to cook." Clearly, the masses would love to share their Thanksgiving holiday with the Pritchetts and the Dunphys and their wide assortment of turkeys.