Aldi Is Not The Place To Buy Name Brand Stuffing, According To Reddit

As inflation rages on, Aldi continues to be a top spot to shop. It's not surprising that as we near Thanksgiving Day, cash-strapped consumers are turning to what ranked as the cheapest grocery store in America to pick up a turkey and sides this year (per TODAY). With 57% of Americans planning to spend between $101 and $200 on Thanksgiving dinner this year, it's no surprise that consumers are continuing to head to Aldi for the lowest prices in town to stretch those dollars as far as they possibly can (per Fool).

Campbell's already found in their State of the Sides consumer trend report that due to the turbulent economic times this Turkey Day, 52% of Americans are looking to get a smaller bird in order to save money. But those turning to Aldi for a little assistance to prepare their dinners without a hitch would do well to bear in mind that it may not be the place to pick up brand name stuffing.

Aldi vs. name brands

If you're particularly loyal to a brand, you probably won't be buying your stuffing at Aldi. In fact, you probably won't be shopping at Aldi, period. Unless, as many shoppers are, you're loyal to Aldi's house brands. Part of the way Aldi has been able to keep itself more affordable than Walmart is through its business plan. According to Aldi, the chain carries up to 90% of its own house brand merchandise. The grocer does so by making direct deals with wholesalers, and even name brand products, to package them under the Aldi label. By cutting out big label advertising, Aldi claims, or virtually any advertising of its own, the brand is able to pass something closer to the wholesale prices on to customers.

So what does all that have to do with stuffing? If you're buying it at Aldi, the chain will have negotiated for the best deal on store branded stuffing, but may still carry name brands during the holiday season. But as one user on Reddit pointed out, if you buy name brand, you pay a premium. While overall the chain has outperformed every other grocery store in the pricing department, this is one time that Walmart wins. In a photo captured by a recent Reddit shopper, a side-by-side comparison shows the same Pepperidge Farm stuffing for sale for $3.12 at Aldi and only $2.48 at Walmart — a price gap that could make a difference at the holiday table this year.