The TikTok Viral 'Corn Kid' Just Announced His Retirement

Most people wait until they're in their 60s to retire, but the "Corn Kid" who made the internet melt like butter is all set to file for his AARP card any day now. A seven-year-old named Tariq recently shot to Internet stardom when his interview with the Instagram show Recess Therapy went viral. Since the first video was posted in August of 2022, it has garnered more than 2.1 million likes. He's now also the stuff of TikTok legends, thanks to an immensely popular video by comedy musicians The Gregory Brothers. In it, they took sound bytes from the video and incorporated them into a catchy musical number, per Insider. This video snowballed into a myriad of other Corn Kid-inspired content on TikTok, making him something of a household name.

Since achieving legendary status, Tariq has been jet-setting all over the place, doing interviews with all types of talk shows and other media outlets. He was even honored with the title of "Corn-bassador," courtesy of the state of South Dakota. All this, just because an insanely cute little kid expressed his love of the vegetable by saying, "I can't imagine a more beautiful thing." Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Hence, the Corn Kid's retirement, of sorts.

All the details on the Corn Kid's retirement

Tariq and Recess Therapy followed up on the initial Corn Kid success with a YouTube video that allowed him to elaborate on his love of the veggie, and also demonstrate a "Corn Dance." Since then, however, higher education has called Tariq back into the fold, so for now, he's putting his celebrity career somewhat on ice.

Now, a new TikTok video by Nolan Hansen has surfaced, in which the interviewer is stunned to find out that Tariq has taken a break from fame. "Ever since school was starting I have retired," the cute kid tells Hansen, who notes surprise at the announcement. However, it's not all bad news for lovers of the Corn Kid, who also said, "Now that I'm traveling around the world I'm starting to get my attitude back." Possibly most important of all, Tariq said that even if he were ever to become bored with corn, he would, "always be the Corn Kid in my heart." Even though he's likely enjoying a well-deserved break, something tells us this wholesome little guy won't be out of the spotlight forever.