TikTok's Viral 'Corn Kid' Just Made An Adorable Comeback

If any trend has the timeless qualities it takes to become a fixture on the internet, it's the Corn Kid. This kid loves corn and wants the world to see the beauty of this sweet, versatile vegetable. On TikTok, the Corn Kid video has amassed over 85k likes and 800 comments and inspired a catchy song that other users are having a field day with on the app. For example, this creator used the song to convey how much their dog loves his dad, and this user showed off their affinity for corgis. It's official, the internet has melted like butter over the Corn Kid.

The Corn Kid phenomenon got started on the web series "Recess Therapy," according to Romper. This series features actor Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviewing random children in New York. This corn-smitten kid encountered almost immediate internet fandom. "Ever since I was told that corn was real it tasted good," he said. "I can't imagine a more beautiful thing."

A corntastic return

After his meteoric rise to internet fame, the Corn Kid graced the web with another YouTube video on Aug. 24. Recess Therapy discovered that this enthusiastic child had a lot more to say about the subject of corn. There are plenty of corn recipes out there, but this kid has a deep and true appreciation for "the grease," his favorite part of the entire experience. He not only taught his host the "corn dance," but also explained that it's important to have a deep love of things like corn because "that means you really appreciate it after all that hard work."

The Corn Kid used this opportunity to explain some of the terminology from his first interview. The "lumps with knobs" that he originally mentioned refers to the oblong shape that holds the individual kernels. A "corntastic day," he explained, is merely a pun about corn and a wish that his friends will have a wonderful day.