People Are Melting Like Butter Over The 'Corn Kid'

When you're young, discovering your favorite foods can be a truly magical experience. It can be like an entire new world has opened up to you, and you just want to re-live the experience of eating whatever it is that hits your taste buds in just the right way.

For some people, corn can be among those delicious delights. As Roger Sherman wrote in 2010 for The Atlantic, he's "never tasted anything better." Sweet corn is a beloved summer side because it can provide a pleasing combination of salty and sweet. Plus, with the appropriate amount of melted butter drizzled on top, it's a simple but satisfying way to serve up the popular grain. There's plenty of room for exploration, too, for those interested in the best things to put on corn on the cob besides butter.

A child dubbed "Corn Kid" by the Instagram account Recess Therapy shared his experience of discovering the joy of corn, and the positive reactions to the video have been growing like corn stalks ever since.

Corn Kid gives us an earful

Recess Therapy, an Instagram account that posts video interviews of children on various topics, shared Corn Kid with the world on Aug. 4. As he chows down, he explains that "ever since I was told that corn was real, it tasted good." He later adds that "when I tried it with butter, everything changed!" After the interviewer, Julian Shapiro-Barnum, asks him what else he likes, Corn Kid mentions some games like tag and hide n' seek. But ultimately, his favorite things are "mostly corn." That's when he lays it on thick. 

"I mean look at this thing," the Corn Kid commented. "I can't imagine a more beautiful thing." He closed by wishing viewers "a corntastic day." The post has more than 216,000 likes, and many corny responses have popped up in the comments section. "This kid is icornic!" wrote the interviewer. User spidercat felt the kid was "BORN FOR CORN." Some thought the exchange was too cute. On Twitter, user Gramps called it "one of the best videos to ever exist."

Corn Kid disseminated some golden wisdom as well, stating that "not everyone has to like it to be the best, everyone just has to try it." That's solid advice for anyone considering trying something new. If sweet corn is on that list for you, there are some tricks to finding the perfect corn on the cob. You may not like it as much as Corn Kid does, but honestly, that's a high standard.