Long John Silver's Just Dropped Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Bites For The Holidays

Around the world, many places are associated with the food that's (presumably) most popular there. When you think of Italy, it's likely that pizza and pasta come to mind. When Mexico is brought up, you might imagine tacos. And when Wisconsin is mentioned, you'll probably think of cheese curds. Sometimes these associations are accurate enough that restaurants attribute locations to food on their menus. A recent example of that lies in a new offering at Long John Silver's: Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese Bites (per a press release).

You might be wondering what makes these cheesy snacks in Wisconsin more special than any other place. Simply put, it's because the state is home to actual master cheesemakers. According to Wisconsin Cheese, those who attend a program can become a certified cheesemaker. Steve Stettler, who is the master of six cheese varieties, says the program exists to help "carry the torch," and he enjoys his passion for one major reason. "It's the customer. It's the guy that says you have the best cheese I've ever tasted. That's what makes it all worth it," said Stettler. 

By naming its new menu item after Wisconsin-made cheese, Long John Silver's will have to bring its best to live up to the hype.

Some consumers will face issues trying them

Last week, guests at Long John Silver's were first offered the chance to upgrade their side item to Wisconsin white cheddar cheese bites (via press release). The tasty curds come in five-ounce and 10-ounce portions, and include a "crispy, breaded shell" stuffed with "fresh, melted-to-perfection" cheese. The chain, however, lists the option as available for a limited time at participating locations, in a press release.

When news of the menu item broke on Reddit, consumers seemed excited to try them. However, there's a pretty big obstacle these fans have to face before getting their hands on the cheesy snacks. "I wish they were still in my city, haven't had LJS in over a decade now," one person wrote. Another disappointed fan commented, "After 15+ years and out of my state ... they finally added something new to their menu." 

The funny part, though, as one commenter noted, there doesn't appear to be any Long John Silver's locations in Wisconsin. The chain's website backs this up. But those in the Dairy State have no reason to worry, as we're sure they can find delicious cheese bites aplenty.