The Best Restaurant Cheese Curds Have Been Revealed In A New Survey

Cheese curds, also known as the little brother to mozzarella sticks, originated in the dairy state of Wisconsin as a way to use up by-products from the cheese-making process (per What's Cooking America). While Wisconsin is the place to get your hands on some of the nation's freshest cheese curds, restaurants across the United States and parts of Canada have taken to serving the humble curd on their menus — and in many different ways. For example, Montreal, Canada restaurant Poutineville uses cheese curds in their infamous 15-pound pile of fries, gravy, and cheese, appropriately known as "The Heart Attack" (via MTL Blog).

But if you're unable to get to Wisconsin or Canada, you can still enjoy some top-notch cheese curds closer to home. After all, just because you can't go to Wisconsin doesn't mean you should abandon any hope of tasting the unique treat, right? Mashed interviewed 526 consumers to find out what they consider to be the best restaurant-style cheese curd and the answer may surprise you.

Buffalo Wild Wings beat out the rest

Out of the 526 consumers Mashed interviewed regarding the best restaurant-style cheese curds, 34.6% of respondents claimed that Buffalo Wild Wings is the winner. In second place was Wisconsin-based burger joint Culvers with 28.33% of the vote, and A&W Restaurants came in third with 20.53% of support. The restaurant that came in fourth was Florida-based Miller's Ale House with 16.54% of votes. 

It may be surprising, to some, that Buffalo Wild Wings led the poll since, you know, the restaurant chain is known for its chicken wings. But one look at online reviews hints at a bit of fandom around its cheese curds. A reviewer on Zomato noted that the chain's cheese curds were, "light, fluffy and in comfortable small bites." Another person on a Buffalo Wild Wings Reddit thread claimed that their curds were served with caramel sauce, creating a strange, but delicious, carnival treat. If you're a fan of cheese curds, depending on where you're located, Buffalo Wild Wings may be able to help satisfy your craving. You can also pick up some cheese curds at your local Costco if you're looking to buy in bulk.