7-Eleven Is Bringing The Cheer With Its Winter Wonderland Cocoa Return

There's no better way to ring in the winter season than with a cup of something hot to drink. Coffee lovers will no doubt celebrate with a peppermint mocha from a place like Starbucks, while others may choose to curl up with a mug of loose-leaf tea. And of course, one of the trademarks of the holiday season is an indulgent cup of sugary, chocolatey, hot cocoa — it's practically a must during the cold winter season. While you can always make a cup of classic Swiss Miss hot cocoa, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy this sweet drink.

Hot chocolate bombs are essentially chocolate ball shells that dissolve in hot milk. Big box stores like Target and Costco sell holiday hot chocolate bombs that just get plopped into a mug of milk. Savory Experiments shares that hot chocolate bombs can even be made at home with chocolate and silicone molds. One of the most appealing parts of these chocolate bombs is their unique appearance, which often includes fun-colored chocolates, sprinkles, or mix-ins like mini marshmallows. The bombs really make the hot chocolate taste like the holidays, but what if hot chocolate could embrace the look of the season?

Not wanting to be left out of the holiday fun, 7-Eleven is bringing back its seasonal hot chocolate that not only tastes like the holidays but looks like it, too.

Hot cocoa that looks like it tastes

According to a press release, 7-Eleven is officially ringing in the holidays with its Winter Wonderland hot cocoa. This is no ordinary cocoa: The hot chocolate is dyed red to match its candy cane peppermint flavor. The dark red color is certainly eye-catching and matches the convenience store's holiday-themed cups. The new hot beverage cups are dark green and adorned with bright green holly leaves. To round out the celebration of the holidays, 7-Eleven is also offering candy cane cookies. After all, hot cocoa is always better when eaten with a sweet baked good. This isn't the first time the chain has introduced a seasonal cocoa offering — in the winter of 2020, it had a candy cane cocoa, but the drink didn't yet have its unique scarlet hue.

If red-colored hot chocolate isn't your thing, 7-Eleven is offering a special holiday promotion through the end of the year to help make spirits bright. Customers who join its 7Rewards program can earn a free drink after the purchase of 6 coffees, hot chocolates, Big Gulps, or Slurpees. The free drink deal is only good through the end of the year, so get it while it's hot.