Duff Goldman's Hyperrealistic NASA Rocket Cake Looks Like It Actually Takes Off

For the consumer, a cake is an entertaining thing to marvel at until it's turned into a tasty treat and effectively ruined. But for the baker, a cake is a creative outlet that can take hours to fashion until it's just right. This is likely how celebrity baker Duff Goldman felt when he constructed a rocket ship cake in celebration of NASA's new Space Launch System. With the help of the Orion Spacecraft, NASA is planning another attempt at the Artemis I mission, which, according to Space.com, is an operation to once again send astronauts to the moon.

The day after the rocket ship returned to its launchpad, the Kennedy Space Center held a "Taste of Space" event in which well-known chefs showed up and showed out with live demonstrations. For $175, the public was invited to watch Rocco DiSpirito, Marc Murphy, and the "Ace of Cakes" star do their thing. Appropriately, this event is where Goldman's impressive mini rocket ship came to be.

It depicts the new Space Launch System

"Ace of Cakes" star Duff Goldman was just one chef who showed up to the Kennedy Space Center's Taste of Space event, and we must say his creation was out of this world (via Space). His cake was a 3-foot-tall version of NASA's Space Launch System, complete with fire and clouds as if the rocket ship was taking off. The hue was made possible with food coloring and fondant — it even had a tiny version of the NASA logo. "When we make a cake ... we get all of the data that we can on whatever it is we are going to make. And then we just go through it, trying to match certain colors and things like that. It's a whole process," Goldman said at the event.

A few days ago, Goldman shared a photo on Instagram of his cake in the foreground of the actual Space Launch System. In his post, he thanked his team at Charm City Cakes for their hard work in helping him fashion the masterpiece. "Also a special thank you to @nasa for allowing us to bring the cake up to the launch pad for this once in a lifetime picture!" he wrote.