Patrón Is Introducing Its Fanciest Tequila At $179 A Pop

Patrón is stepping up its game with its most prestigious tequila release to date, according to a recent press release. Although its less expensive offerings will still be available, there are many benefits to purchasing a higher-quality liquor. Certain standards have to be met when producing tequila, and though the cheapest varieties follow the rules, they typically don't go any further to ensure a quality product (via Eating Expired). For example, Mexican law requires tequila contain at least 51% agave. After the cheapest varieties reach that percentage, the rest of the beverage is loaded with hangover-inducing sugar. That's one of the reasons pricier tequila is smoother for a more enjoyable experience.

Even so, the tequila empire of Patrón didn't need a new release to prove its place in the industry. According to Forbes, Patrón is the second most popular brand in the world, succeeded only by Jose Cuervo. Out of every 10 bottles purchased of premium tequila, it's estimated four of those are Patrón. Its newest release, Patrón El Alto, will be sold for $179. But factors described in a press release help justify its price point.

The brand is stepping into a new category

With the name Patrón El Alto, this tequila will be sold at $179 apiece in markets such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas (via press release). It's made of weber blue agave grown in Jalisco, Mexico with a combination of Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo tequilas. This mixture was decided after more than 300 taste tests, resulting in flavors of fig, honey, caramel, dried fruit, and vanilla. Per the brand's website, Patrón El Alto contains 40% alcohol by volume and comes in a 750ml bottle.

According to Aceves Spirits, agave grown in Jalisco is special due to the region's exceptional climate and soil quality. With elevations of 6,000 to 8,000 ft., the agave plants' roots can grow deep, thus absorbing more minerals than they would in a valley.

When it comes to the prestigious tequila category, this won't be the last time you'll see Patrón. It plans to continue on this route and double it by 2025.