Trader Joe's Fans Are Pumped To Try Its New Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

Who said you could only have ice cream in the summer? While you might not see most people enjoying a popsicle poolside this time of year, there are many ways that you can incorporate this icy treat into your fall and winter desserts. Whether you enjoy a scoop of vanilla paired with pumpkin pie or an elaborate peppermint sundae by the fire, this beloved dessert tastes just as sweet in the cooler months. Fear not, ice cream lovers! This sweet treat does not have to be seasonal.

Not to mention, so many festive flavors are perfect for this time of year. Make sure to check out your local ice cream shop for gingerbread, eggnog, brown sugar cinnamon, and peppermint stick creations. Meanwhile, Little Debbie's Christmas tree cakes ice cream just returned to Walmart, and Salt & Straw just dropped their Thanksgiving ice cream flavors. Plus, Trader Joe's just released new chocolate and vanilla ice cream sandwiches if you are a traditionalist and prefer classic ice cream flavors (via Instagram). To say that fans are excited about the debut would be an understatement.

Trader Joe's fans think the dessert looks delicious

If you are a sucker for an ice cream sandwich, you may have been struggling to find one during the off-season. Trader Joe's may have just answered all of your prayers. @Traderjoeslist took to Instagram to share the debut of this discount grocery store's latest sweet treat: half-dipped chocolate and vanilla flavored sandwich bars."The various textures with the sandwich bar and the chocolate coating make it a delicious treat for your mouth! We rate these 8.5/10," @traderjoeslist wrote in the post's caption. Complete with retro Italian-style packaging, the box comes with 6 bars and is priced at $4.99.

Users echoed @traderjoeslist's enthusiasm in the comment section. One user wrote, "OMG, have to try these for sure," while another user commented, "Gimme gimme gimme!!!!" Another TJ customer confirmed that these ice cream bars are just as good as they look. "These are delicious," the user wrote. "I give them a 10."

Several users expressed their disappointment over the fact that this product is not gluten-free. "So close to gluten-free, if only they would use glucose syrup not from wheat," one user wrote. If you are on the hunt for gluten-free desserts at TJ's, the California-based chain has many products available, including brownie crisp coffee ice cream sandwiches, chocolate chip brownie mix, and chocolate vanilla creme sandwich cookies (via Lets Eat Cake).