The Bizarre Hot Water Trick For The Absolute Best Cobbler

There's nothing better than baking some homemade sweets and treats at home. While grocery stores usually stack their bakery sections with new desserts that you can easily unpack and have at home with ease, nothing can beat homemade, from-scratch baking. Not only does it usually taste better — and is notably healthier for you — but by avoiding any added preservatives, it also brings about a warm essence, making a house more of a home. 

According to PR Newswire, more people are spending their free time baking goods at home, soaring baking-related products to $26.5 billion in sales in 2021. With an increase in at-home baking, more recipes are coming out for people to try at home, including all kinds of tips and tricks to make methods easier. Because while baking is a form of art, it should be fun and not stressful.

If you find yourself doing more baking at home, kudos to you. Maybe you've tried one of these insanely delicious dessert recipes to spruce up your dish offerings for the holidays. With harvest season well on its way, maybe cobblers are also on your to-do list. From blackberry cobbler, raspberry cobbler, peach cobbler, and more, infusing fruit with a crunchy cake-like consistency is hard to resist. But have you mastered your top cobbler crust yet? If you're still experimenting with how to get that perfect crispy topping, you might want to heat up some hot water.

Just add hot water for the perfect cobbler

Picture this: You just finished preparing your favorite cobbler recipe, respectively one of these simple cobbler recipes to share with your friends and family. Then all of a sudden, you accidentally knock a cup of hot water you were wanting to brew into tea on top of it. All your hard work has gone to waste ... or did it? 

Actually, pouring some hot water on top of your cobbler before it bakes in the oven is one of the best things you can do. How can this be you may ask? According to The Kitchn, gently pouring a half of cup of hot water on top of the sugar-coated cobbler can take your dessert to the next level. Doing this takes a bit of a "hold your breath" moment, but pouring hot water allows the sugar to naturally melt and seep into the top layer of the cobbler, resulting in a "shiny" perfectly crumbly top layer that coats a fluffy cake-like cobbler.

Sound crazy? It could be. But call us crazy then. Even Epicurious suggests the use of hot water on top of your ready-to-bake cobbler to get that perfect crunchy top layer as one of its unusual tricks and tips in the kitchen.

Feeling up to the challenge? If you're mentally prepared to dump some hot water over your baking creation — before it bakes — let us know how it helped you get that perfect cobbler consistency.