The Only Thing Bill Murray Can Make In The Kitchen, According To His Chef Brother - Exclusive

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Bill Murray is a man of many talents –- from oceanographer to golfer, neurologist to weatherman, and even a ghostbuster, just to recall a few of his popular movie roles (via IMDb). But if there's one thing this very skilled actor is not very good at, it's cooking. And don't just take our word for it. His younger brother, Andy Murray, who happens to be a professional chef, can confirm. "Is he a good cook? I don't think so," he told Mashed.

And why would he need to be? Bill prefers to pull out a bottle of wine and enjoy his brother's cooking instead. So instead of contributing recipes for chef Murray's family cookbook, "Eat, Drink and Be Murray: A Feast of Family Fun and Favorites," Bill wrote the forward for the book, setting the tone for just how much the memories, and the dishes, mean to their family.

In an exclusive interview, Mashed spoke to chef Andy Murray all about the new cookbook, and all the special moments that you'll find on every page. While talking family and food, he also happened to give his take on his brother Bill's cooking skills and shared the one and only dish Bill can master in the kitchen.

Bill can make breakfast, and that's about it, says his brother

If the siblings are getting together in the Murray family, there's no doubt that everyone wants Andy in the kitchen helping with the meals, and equal doubt that no one wants Bill hovering over the stove. As chef Murray told Mashed, Bill is not a good cook, but he can scrape by at breakfast time. "He makes a pretty mean egg. He likes his eggs," said Andy. The good news for Bill in those moments he has to fend for himself in the kitchen, is that eggs can be part of pretty much any meal, but let's hope he doesn't get tired of them quickly because "that's about the extent of his cooking. It really is," confirms Andy.

Luckily, Bill probably won't face that situation any time soon, and he's got a brother who can make him great meals anytime. "There's not a whole lot I have put in front of him that he hasn't liked," says Murray. In fact, one of his favorite recipes of his brother's is a blistered tomato and burrata cheese pasta that "calls for a pretty good wine," in the words of Bill. Murray says the first time he made the pasta for Bill, "he pulled out a Chateauneuf-du-Pape that he had been saving for a special occasion, and it was wonderful." We can all agree that meal certainly sounds like it beats a plate of eggs any day.

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