Lay's And Subway Bring Back Dill Pickle Chips In Collab With NFL Star Eli Manning

It seems like pickle-flavored products are everywhere these days, from pickle pico de gallo to pickle vodka and even pickle cotton candy (via Taste of Home). But despite the market saturation of foods that taste like pickles, Lay's popular Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips were one of a handful of foods that basically disappeared in 2021. Despite outcries from fans of the tangy chips, Lay's was forced to simplify their snack line-up due to Covid-related supply chain issues, which meant focusing only on the brand's most popular flavors. And while the outpouring of support that washed up on Twitter proves the item certainly has a cult following, it didn't make the cut as one of the brand's most popular offerings.

But now, after nearly a year and a half of waiting, pickle fans can rejoice that the salty snack is finally making a return, albeit for a limited time. Lay's is partnering with Subway in honor of National Pickle Day to bring back their cult favorite chips for a limited time — and one lucky winner will be able to enjoy the snack for a whole year (via PR Newswire).

Lay's, Subway, and Eli Manning team up

Lay's and Subway are teaming up with NFL celeb Eli Manning to find the ultimate pickle head to celebrate National Pickle Day and Subway's "new premium pickles" (per PR Newswire). The team isn't just searching for a serious fan of pickles — they're also looking for a pickleball champ. Since his retirement from the NFL, Manning says he has turned to paddle sports to stay fit, picked up pickleball, and hasn't turned back since. Unsurprising, considering pickleball is the "fastest growing sport" in America, according to National Geographic, with nearly 5 million players picking up their paddles in the U.S. in 2022.

Any one of those 4.8 million players can enter into Lay's and Subway's sweepstakes. All they have to do to do so is take a photo or video of themselves playing pickleball and upload it to either Instagram or Tiktok with the hashtags #pickleballislife, #layssubwaypickle, and #sweepstakes between November 14 (National Pickle Day) and the end of the sweepstakes on Monday, November 21. The winner will be selected at random, so no need to worry about the size of your following for this contest. The winner will win a year's supply of free Frito-Lay snacks (including the famous pickle chips) and Subway sandwiches, showcasing Subway's new and improved pickles. No purchase is necessary to enter, just a love of the game and a love of all things pickle. If that's not enough cucumber-based tang for you, you might want to consider getting the candle that would make the perfect gift for the pickle lovers in your life for yourself.