Skittles Responded To Harry Styles Being Hit By The Candy On Stage

Musician Harry Styles has once again been hit with a flying object at one of his concerts. This time, it was with Skittles, but in the past, it's been numerous random objects such as chicken nuggets. Per Variety, the British singer was hit with chicken nuggets during his performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Styles took the event like a champ, asking, "Who threw the chicken nugget? I don't eat chicken, sorry! I don't eat meat." Something as harmless as a chicken nugget didn't cause him any grief, but another incident saw him crouch in pain after being hit in the groin area with a bottle (per New York Post). Still, the "Watermelon Sugar" crooner reacted calmly, simply saying, "Now that's unfortunate."

Even with his cool reactions, Styles is surely becoming tired of constantly being pelted. This most recent time, his eye was injured by a soaring piece of candy, and even the brand has something to say about it.

Fans were furious following the incident Skittles incident

Tuesday night, as Harry Styles was performing at The Forum in Los Angeles, he was hit in the eye when a fan tossed Skittles on stage (via Daily Mail). Upon getting hit, Styles held his eye in pain and was forced to keep it closed for the majority of his hit song "Kiwi." According to Billboard, Styles' bandmate, Pauli, confirmed on Instagram that the singer's eye was okay, as Styles joked about needing an eyepatch the following day.

The Skittles brand was not happy with fans using its product to injure Styles. "Didn't think I needed to say this: Please don't throw Skittles," the brand said in a tweet. Popeyes also replied to the post asking, "whatever happened to throwing underwear?" And if you thought Skittles was mad, the singer's loyal fans were even more upset. "Whoever threw those skittles I hope you're embarrassed and crying and are never allowed into a Harry concert again," one fan tweeted. Another claimed "no one deserves Harry," after the singer blew kisses at the crowd despite the incident. Hopefully, this will be the final incident of throwing items on stage for Styles.