The Hottest Thing About GBBO's Heartthrob Sandro, According To Fans

"The Great British Baking Show" contestant Sandro has no shortage of fans – a quick scroll of Twitter reveals his vast (and enthusiastic) fanbase. The London-based baker has been the highlight of the current season with his flavorful, gorgeous bakes and technical ability.

After Custard Week, fans wanted to see justice served after Sandro was denied Star Baker in favor of Syabira, who had a lackluster technical where she came in last. Her redeeming bake was her sensational showstopper. Sandro came first in the technical, and his three-tiered custard cake showstopper was highly praised, except for his "gluey" coffee custard (via Channel 4). "Why have three rounds if you're going to ignore two of them? Sandro for Star Baker!" tweeted one fan. Another wrote, "#Sandro should've been #StarBaker and #Janusz should've gone home. He is a better baker than #Kevin but his cake tasted bad and his icecream [sic] wasn't set. #Kevin had the best-tasting custard."

But Sandro has got the internet a bit thirsty, and not just for his baking skills.

Sandro has got the internet a bit thirsty

It's not just Sandro's obvious baking talent or the fact that he's a nanny and runs a charity teaching children with autism how to bake (via The Great British Bake Off). It just seems to be Sandro himself – he's hunky and talented, a potent mix for fans of the show. Just a smile or even cleaning up after himself sends the internet into a swoon

Some fans offer proposals of marriage, like, "I want to marry #Sandro. That is all" (via Twitter). Another fan tweeted, "We all saw Sandro cleaning up his workstation, right? This guy was written by a woman for sure." Even the show itself is not immune to Sandro's charms. "Sandro's rise to power has seen him go from baker to mentor in just seven weeks," quipped the official GBBO Twitter feed, accompanied by a video of him teaching host Matt Lucas to frost a cake. 

Another fan tweeted, "I have such a crush on Sandro and all I want is for him to get a handshake and star baker." The baker has definitely turned up the heat for some fans.