A Publix Chicken Machine Disaster Had Reddit Wincing

There's something special about a grocery store rotisserie chicken, the way they slowly spin as they cook under golden lights, hypnotizing us with their tantalizing scent. Needless to say, a rotisserie chicken is an extremely popular option for a quick and easy dinner, whether it's from Publix, Walmart, or Costco. Per CNN, Costco alone sells more than 100 million rotisserie chickens each year. That's a lot of chicken.

However, with great chicken power comes great chicken responsibility. The grocery store employees have to tell if the chicken is cooked properly, be sure that nothing catches on fire, and properly clean the machine between batches.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, regardless of how hard we may work to avoid them. One Publix chicken master shared their story with Reddit, bravely recounting an accident involving an entire batch of rotisserie chickens. As we would expect, others quick to offer advice and an optimistic perspective.

Rest in pieces, Publix rotisserie chickens

After a chicken machine disaster, one Publix employee turned to Reddit for a mood boost. They attached two photos to their post to give Redditors a full read of the situation — broken spits and mangled rotisserie chickens. Utter devastation. Not pictured, dozens of customers mourn the loss of an easy dinner.

Naturally, Reddit jumped straight to work, offering jokes and positivity. One Reddit user commented, "Just clock out and go home for the day." Another wrote, "At least they're super tender!" That's certainly one way to shred chicken, albeit messy and a little unsanitary. Someone was even helpful enough to share their own "killer" chicken salad recipe. Others commented that they would still eat the chickens, even the one that had fallen on the floor.

Several Redditors took a more serious route, sharing their own thoughts on that particular type of rotisserie chicken machine. One person wrote, "That happened all the time when I worked there," while another person said, "These machines suck. The chicken falling ... is a really common problem and the spits are really flimsy." It seems the users think Publix may need a different rotisserie chicken machine.