GBBO's Freya And Lizzie Have A Shared TikTok And It's Everything

Imagine being chosen as one of 12 contestants on the hit show "The Great British Bake Off" out of about 12,000 applicants (via BBC). It's a dream come true for any amateur baker. But then, imagine also meeting your brand new best friend forever under the big white tent. What are the chances? Sounds like you've stumbled upon some very good luck.

That's exactly what happened for Season 12 bakers Freya Cox and Lizzie Acker, both of whom did not advance into the finals of the show, but were winners when it comes to establishing friendships. When Freya was eliminated from the competition before Lizzie, Lizzie took to Instagram to share how much she valued their friendship, even more so than her own Hollywood Handshake. "When it came to saying bye in the tent it was heartbreaking however, I now see her most weekends, have drove around the country with her in tow, got matching tattoos and now she steals my clothes and has claimed the spare room in my house when I finally move in. I don't think there's any getting rid of her soon. Which I am pretty happy about," Lizzie wrote.

Freya and Lizzie are sharing their escapades as roomies

Earlier this year, Lizzie Acker revealed to Eater that she and Freya Cox were moving in together in a new home in Liverpool. They have painted clouds on the walls of Freya's room (via Instagram) and appear to be on cloud nine. The pair upped the ante on their friendship to the delight of fans everywhere and started a shared TikTok account, @freya_and_lizzie. One of their first posts detailed their friendship, starting with "We met on 'Bake Off'" and ending with "Let the adventures continue."

And continue the adventures have. The pair attempted to learn how to ride a tandem bike together, competed to see who could stay on a mechanical bull the longest, and, as many roommates do, wondered who would put away the dishes. Fans' comments have been incredibly wholesome. TikToker @Jessicamcc wrote, "guuuys I'm tearin' up! such a beautiful friendship story! I just loved ya both on GBBO." User @140claire also shared their thoughts, commenting, "you two are a delight! thank you for spreading joy."