Keke Palmer Always Has 3 Spices In Her Pantry At All Times

Actress, host of Disney+'s "Foodtastic," and social media starlet Keke Palmer has been making waves in the food world recently. She also starred in Jordan Peele's critically acclaimed film "Nope," now considered a best picture possibility for Oscar season, according to industry source Variety.

In addition to helping Doritos bring Big Dip Energy to TikTok, Palmer has landed herself a sponsorship deal with McCormick. The actress is helping McCormick promote their new product, The TEN, a set of 10 key spices designed to help burgeoning chefs get their sea legs in the kitchen. The set includes basil, chili, cinnamon, cumin, onion, red pepper, parsley, paprika, oregano, and garlic (per McCormick). The partnership also resulted in the release of a recipe co-created by Palmer for a veggie bacon quiche, which can be made using the ingredients included in the giftable set (via McCormick). Those ingredients just happen to be some of Palmer's favorite spices.

Keke Palmer's go-to spices

When it comes to seasonings, Keke Palmer is one opinionated lady. She told Eater, "I don't want to go to anybody's house where they don't season their food." But that being said, she's wary of people going overboard with the seasonings as well. "If it's to the point where you can't taste the actual food because of the seasoning, that's too far," she said, adding, "I still want to taste the damn chicken."

So what seasonings does the actress and podcast host reach for when she's standing over her own stove? And are they included in the new McCormick gift set? "Definitely garlic, onion powder, chile flakes. I always have pepper, really just the basics," Palmer explained to Eater. And when she wants to get fancy with it, she'll sometimes "sprinkle a little lemon pepper on something to jazz it up." 

Everything but the lemon pepper is available in McCormick's The TEN gift set. Palmer said she got her love of flavor from her dad, a devoted home cook who loves to play with bold flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg tempered with classic salt and pepper but "doesn't go too crazy with it." She shared, "He makes his essentials work for him."