Trader Joe's Fans Are Raving About Its Returning Lemon Ricotta Cheese

As a consumer, one of the most frustrating things that can happen is falling in love with a product you can only get from one brand and then finding out it has been discontinued. Well, that was just the experience of shoppers who adore the Trader Joe's baked lemon ricotta cheese, a seasonal product that had customers head-over-heels last year. However, in an exciting turn of events, TJ's fan @traderjoeslist announced on Instagram that the fan favorite has made a triumphant return to stores — news that brought about tons of praise from fans.

Ricotta cheese is often praised for its flavor profile and cooking versatility. Unlike other cheeses, such as cheddar and blue cheese, ricotta is creamy and mild and can be used in both savory and sweet applications. According to the Trader Joe's website, the sweet, lemon-scented ricotta is sourced from southern Italy. The ricotta cheese curd is crafted by mixing milk, salt, and whey. It gets its unique color and flavor from a blend of lemon peel, lemon extract, and sugar, and then it's baked until the top becomes golden brown and the whole wheel takes on the texture of cheesecake. Considering one fan called it "more like a dessert" than cheese, it's no wonder fans are celebrating its return.

Trader Joe's embraces the season of giving

This holiday season, Trader Joe's is gifting fans the return of its beloved baked lemon ricotta cheese, and the chain insists it's perfect for all your festive entertaining purposes. TJ's-approved ideas for serving it include putting it on a cheese board, mixing it into desserts, or even using it for a creamy lemon ricotta pasta recipe. And if the response to the announcement of the cheese's return is any indication, fans have been waiting for its return all year.

On @traderjoeslist's post, one user's love for the cheese was evident when they stated, "Finished the whole chunk by myself tonight." Other fans gave tips on how to enjoy it, from, "Try it on TJ's triple ginger cookie thins! You won't regret it," to, "I add it to pancake mix with blueberries and use some for garnish on top." Another incited a sense of urgency, insisting, "You have to grab this in a hurry, people are buying it in bulk from my Trader Joe's and freezing it. Went 3x and had to call first before I got some." It sounds like the struggle to score the cheese is real: "If I don't get to try it this year, I might cry," one shopper confessed.