Salt & Straw's Annual Holiday Series Flavors Are Here

People go wild for seasonal and/or holiday-themed foods and products, a fact that companies absolutely take into account when planning limited-time only menus. Sweets are especially beloved this time of year, as evidenced by the ever-successful holiday pie at McDonald's and the Wendy's peppermint frosty. Starbucks continues to rule the holiday market, however, and in 2022 introduced not one or two, but SIX holiday beverages. The lineup includes the toasted white chocolate mocha, Irish cream cold brew, and the chestnut praline latte, among others, according to Starbucks Stories & News. The drinks were also accompanied by a bevy of seasonal bakery options at the erstwhile coffee purveyor.

Taste buds are simply indelibly linked to warm fuzzy memories, so it's no surprise that they sneak their way into restaurant menus this time of year. Among the most popular holiday flavors, according to Kraft Heinz, are ginger, peppermint, and pumpkin spice. Salt & Straw Ice Cream is once again getting in on the holiday-centric action, this year with a selection of five holiday-themed ice creams. They won't keep you warm in these chilly months, but at least the tummy will be full!

All the dish on Salt & Straw's holiday ice cream flavors

Portland-based ice creamery Salt & Straw makes a habit of keeping the menu fresh, with a new selection of ice creams every four weeks, no matter what time of year it is, says PDX Food Press. The chain has 30 ice cream shops across several states, but anyone who doesn't live near a location can order pints, merch, and even culinary perfume via Salt & Straw.

Available now, the first seasonal Salt & Straw flavor, almond brittle with salted ganache, is made using "hand-burned brittle with almonds," which is then coated with salted chocolate. Chocolate ganache is added to vanilla ice cream, with plenty of brittle tossed in for good measure. Next, gingerbread cookie dough ice cream is made using rum royal icing ice cream and chunks of gingerbread cookies. Then there's "Dwanta's Teremana spiked eggnog ice cream," which is made with a healthy splash of Teremana tequila. This is made with inspiration from the owner's friend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and includes custard ice cream, spices, eggnog, and tequila for a particularly celebratory option.

The last couple of ice creams are less boozy in nature, as the peppermint cocoa flavor is cocoa ice cream drizzled with peppermint fondant swirl. Lastly, vegans always have options at Salt & Straw, this time in the form of "The Great Cookie Swap" ice cream. The base is a coconut cream, which is liberally dotted with chunks of holiday cookies like almond bark, molasses cookies, and snickerdoodles. Exceptionally festive options, for sure!