Mashed's Exclusive Survey Uncovered Ice Cream Lovers' Preferred Flavor At Jeni's

If you're like nearly 70% of Americans, you likely have at least a carton of ice cream stashed away in your freezer at all times (via StudyFinds). After all, you never know when that late-night craving for a pint of Chunky Monkey will hit. While everyone has their favorite flavors of ice cream — some of the most popular in the U.S. include cookies n' cream, vanilla, and chocolate according to Food Business News — many also have their favorite brands. Right up there with Ben & Jerry's and Turkey Hill is Jeni's Ice Cream, a frozen dessert brand that began as a tiny startup by James Beard award-winning chef Jeni Britton in Columbus, Ohio in 2002 and has now expanded to grocery stores all across the country.

Jeni's offers its fresh-made ice cream in a ton of drool-worthy flavors, from Wedding Cake and Skillet Cinnamon Roll to Powdered Jelly Donut and Wildberry Lavender. But which of all the Jeni's ice cream flavors is the best of the best? Mashed polled 582 people to find out their preferences. Here's the flavor that nearly a third of customers say is number one in the line-up.

People like a salty and sweet flavor combo

If you're trying to decide on a pint of Jeni's, you likely can't go wrong with Salty Caramel. According to Mashed's poll results, it's the best ice cream flavor, with 30.58% of survey respondents choosing it as their top pick. It's one of Jeni's signature flavors, the website reports, inspired by a salty caramel she had heard about from a French pastry chef. The frozen treat consists of "burnt sugar ice cream with vanilla and a heavy pinch of sea salt." 

As for how the other popular Jeni's ice cream flavors compared to Salty Caramel? Darkest Chocolate was a close second with 27.15% of the votes, followed by Brown Butter Almond Brittle with 19.24%. Fruity and crunchy Brambleberry Crisp — which contains swirls of brambleberry jam and pieces of brown sugar oat streusel crumble — received 12.54% of the votes, while Gooey Butter Cake came in last with just 10.48% of respondents dubbing it their favorite.